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Pure Snorkeling - (Half Day)

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Bora Bora

Embark on a comfortable and covered speed boat to discover the underwater fauna and flora of Bora Bora! You will only need fins, mask and a snorkel to see the myriad of colorful fishes, beautiful coral gardens in the clear waters and above all the majestic manta rays and eagle rays in preserved natural sites. Your guide will share with you his knowledge of the island and its lagoon. Experienced dive instructor, he will assist you while getting in the water and during all dives for your safety and comfort. Good swimmer or beginner, you will enjoy this unique experience!

104 USD per adult


The Sea anemones, the first stop is in shallow water - around 2 meters deep maximum - on a calm spot to discover sea anemones and plenty of little clown fishes ! This is also the moment to familiarize yourself with a mask and snorkel for those who are experiencing snorkeling for the 1st time.

The Manta Rays, THE highlight of the tour. Along a wall of lace corals, follow the most impressive & peaceful rays that can reach 4meters wide?Equipped with a life jacket, follow your guide and the ballet of the rays.

The Coral Garden, a real bed of corals in shallow water hiding an underwater fauna & flora untouched and full of colors.

The Eagle Rays, meet through a drift snorkeling these amazing animals dressed in their dark dress mottled. Timid, they are always gathered by dozens.

The Aquarium, Swim in a natural pool of crystal clear water and be surrounded by hundreds of tropical fish. You might even spot a moray eel pointing the tip of his nose?


- 104 USD per adult

- 52 USD per child

Practical info

INCLUSIONS: Guided tour with a diving instructor, beverages provided during the tour: water, soft drinks, juice, wetsuits and life jackets when needed, snorkeling equipment, beach towels.
SCHEDULES: (Transfer time from hotels not taken into account) 08:30am - 12:00am.

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