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Discovery of the AuthenticTahiti - Half Day East Coast Tour

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The East Coast is certainly the richest part of the island as far as History is concerned. Indeed, it is in Matavai Bay that the greatest navigators landed in the 18th century from Samuel Wallis to James Cook. You will love the magnificent black sand beaches and the mountains views from the valleys of Faarumai and Orofero. Meet the local people, see their savoir-faire and artistic talent through the art craft. Great discoveries scheduled this tour along the less urbanized coast of Tahiti.

82 USD per adult


PRESIDENT'S PALACE: this magnificent building is a former military quarters whose architectural style was preserved during its renovation into the government?s residence in 1996. In this beautiful avenue, this building borders on several other institutions.

MATAVAI BAY: Wallis, Cook, Bougainville landed in this bay... on the beach known as "Pointe Venus". The longest black sand beach with views of the stunning mountains of Tahiti and on Moorea Island. Toilets available at this stop.

FAARUMAI WATERFALL: you can already see the waterfall and the rock faces as soon as you enter the valley. You will stop in front of the most beautiful and the most accessible of the 3 waterfalls that shelter the valley.

OROFARA VALLEY: meet a wood statuette sculptor (tiki) in this popular neighborhood on the East Coast.

PAPENOO: this long black sand beach is very popular with waves lovers...surfers, body boarders, kite surfers...

THE BLOW HOLE: a peculiarity of the nature that will mess your hair up!...Waves engulfing in the submarine cave formed by the volcanic rocks at the edge of the shore, make the water gush in a powerful blast by a hole located at the base of the mountain on the other side of the shore. You can also walk along the shore and admire the ocean views. Toilets available at this stop.

TAHARA'A VIEWPOINT: nice shaded site with benches to enjoy the panoramic view on the sea, Matavai Bay and the neighboring island of Moorea.

CHINESE CEMETERY: the Chinese community has chosen an immense hillside property with a sea view to bury their deceased in accordance with their tradition.

PAINTED PAREOS (weekdays only): visit a manufactory of pareos painted with typical motifs reminiscent of Polynesian tattoos. You can see the paint shop in the back and admire the creations and clothes in the shop. Do not forget your wallet to bring back some beautiful bright color clothes.

CENTRE DES METIERS D'ART (term time only): school training in the practices of sculpture, engraving on local materials: wood, stone, mother-of-pearl, bone...Admire their fine work and artcraft.


- 82 USD per adult

- 82 USD per child

Practical info

INCLUSIONS: Guided tour, Transfers to/from tour departure point, water or fruit juice, season fruits sampling.
SCHEDULES: (Transfer time from hotels not taken into account) Morning tour 08:30am ? 01:00pm or Afternoon tour 01:30pm ? 06:00pm.

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