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Tahiti Fashion Week 2014

from June 11 to 13, 2014 - Tahiti

Tahiti Fashion Week 2014

In Tahiti organized by Alberto Vivian and Exotic Gardens.

Iaorana , Bonjour, Hello Fashion Victim

After Paris , New York , London and Milan, it is the turn of Tahiti live to the rhythm of the Fashion Week 2014. Exotic Gardens and Pito Pito Association took the initiative to introduce you to the wonders of the world Polynesian fashion : the program of fashion shows every day from June 11 to 13, 2014 at the hotel Le méridien Tahiti! The opportunity to move the Tahiti !

A modeling contest will close this week dedicated to fashion. The winner will receive a flight ticket on Air Tahiti Nui from Milan to do a test photo shoot after which she will have the opportunity to sign a modeling contract with the agency Brave and thus live the life a true model in Italy !

This event would not be without our partners and sponsors :
Robert Wan
Ministry of Craft
Ministry of Tourism,
Air Tahiti Nui
etc. .

The Fashion Week , also called " Fashion Week " or " La semaine de la mode" in French , is an event of the fashion industry that lasts about a week and takes place twice a year (fall / winter collection and spring / summer). This event allows designers, stylists and fashion houses of Tahiti to showcase their latest collections of ready-to -wear, jewelery and accessories, or haute couture.

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