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14 2017 - Marcelo, USA

"Thank you for everything, our stay in French Polynesia was wonderful, and it was made so easy and hassle-free with the support of Yestahiti! Fred was great in customizing an itinerary that catered for all our needs and exceeded all of our expectations! Will definitely recommend Yestahiti to friends and family traveling to French Polynesia in the future!
The Moorea tour with lunch was great! So worth it!"


27 2017 - Sarah.F, France

"Translated by Google Translate :
Excursions very varied allows to have a good general idea of the islands visited.
Destination of dreams - Landscapes - Lagoon - Food - Home - Activities
Travel agency: Reactive and provides answers to different needs.
Stay: Magnificent Cruise, very pleasant boat, crew is very professional and friendly, nice meetings and good atmosphere, route allowing to see a maximum of a reasonable length of stay = Unforgettable Stay."


01 2017 - Stephanie, USA

"Frederic made our travels during our honeymoon very seamless. He worked with our existing flights that we booked on our own because we were using miles. Then helped us with booking the rest. He is VERY attentive and responsive to any and all questions. Air Tahiti Nui went on strike while we were traveling and he already rebooked and rescheduled our transfers/fairs. Frederic has a great connection with the transfer people, hotels, excursion companies, etc. He was on top of it all! It would have not been hassle free without him.
Conrad Bora Bora Nui was by far the BEST resort we have stayed in. The newly renovated rooms AND the staff were excellent.
Reva Dolphin Dive in Moorea was more than we hoped for. I have swam with dolphins in Hawaii and this was WAY better. And for around the same price. You are in the water and touching the dolphin for 40 minutes! Shark/Stingray Safari in Bora Bora is a must! Our guide was AMAZING! Jetskiing (went in Bora Bora) was also great because of our guide.
French Polynesia is BEAUTIFUL! I would recommend it to anyone who wants to travel and see beautiful clear waters. Bora Bora has the BEST water. Bluest and clearest we have ever seen!"


18 2017 - Robert, USA

Although the travel package I asked you to put together for my group of 6 adults was a bit complex, I must tell you that it was put together very well and all of us had a wonderful time during our visit to your lovely islands. We especially were very impressed how all the transfers, airline flights, and hotel check-ins were very well timed so that we never felt rushed or inconvenienced. Indeed, from the time we left LAX until our return, we had 6 airline flights and all were made without a problem and no luggage was lost or late! Amazing!
Kudos to you Fred!
I had hoped to meet someone with the “Yes Tahiti” agency at some point along the way, but that surprisingly did not happen…

The Bora Bora Pearl Sands Resort was very pleasant and clean, but the restaurants and bars were very badly under-staffed and service at those was poor. They also have most of the places to eat at the resort closed alternately and at one point some of us were forced to us room service to get a meal because of the closing and the Holidays on the island with restaurants closed. The bungalows were, however, very clean, and pleasant and well equipped.

The Moorea Hilton Lagoon Resort was supposed to be a 5-star resort, but for all of us it fell short of earning that rating. There were 3 restaurants on the grounds, but there was little overlap so that the choices for cuisine at any particular time were greatly limited. The bar was continually short-staffed although the people in the bar area worked very hard to serve all. Reservations were required at all the restaurants. And the food served at one of the buffets we all attended one evening made 3 of us ill, one very badly ill so that the last two days of the trip were spent in bed. When I brought this problem with the food to the attention of the hotel staff, they dismissed it and us.

The Tahiti Yacht Charter 8-day catamaran charter was truly fantastic and we all had a most wonderful time. Thank You!
The Dolphin swim at the Intercontinental Resort was also very educational and great fun.

The island people have a unique and fascinating culture that I believe is good to know. We interacted during our boat charter at the personal level with several of the islanders and discovered how very friendly and patient they are. And, then, of course, the islands and motus and reefs and sea-life are spectacular and everyone who can should experience as lengthy visit there as they are able.


21 2017 - Sina, Hong Kong

"Translated by Google Translate :
Moorea and Bora Bora => Very good
Intercon Tahiti => nice hotel but old and tidy room
I love all my activities
6) Would you recommend Tahiti and its islands to your friends and acquaintances? Yes
Why or why not? It's amazing and superior to all other similar destinations + Super Locals!"


01 2016 - Annie, France

"Translated by google translate :
We are very satisfied with our stay. Everything went well . A little extra for the intercontinental tahiti which is perfect both in staff and quality (bedding included) the geographic stucture is ideal .C is a very nice place, a happiness for the eyes.
We have family travel with 2 children aged 18 months and 3 years so the logistics and comfort are important. (Hats off to the intercontinental tahiti.) We found the intercontinental moorea a little less well. The Relais Mahana in Huahine is perfect for families. It is very beautiful, very calm and the chef is top! (A little paradise ....)
For excursions on moorea and huahine. There is only the embarrassment of the choice and we have practiced several on moorea and huahine (dolphins sharks and whales on Moorea and tour of the island on huahine with guide Poe.
The flights are perfect.
This is the 2nd time we have come to Tahiti. We have family there. Next time c is program for 2 years. We will contact you and I have already given your contact details for stays of friends.
Good luck and see you soon."


29 2016 - Christopher Rose, United States

"We sailed to several islands in the Society, but I found Maupiti especially nice. So glad we were able to add this to our list. I think a must-see island. Diving was excellent. Manta rays everywhere. People (like all the Society) were wonderful."


14 2016 - Sandrine et Loïc, France

"Translated by Google translate :
We were extremely pleased with the service Yestahiti (Fred) who answered all our requests and each time in a very short time. All reservations that we had made in advance from Switzerland went perfectly. Both visits to the islands dives were well organized. We also note each time the ponctualités people who organized pickup.

We were pleased with all accommodation where we stayed. We would however appreciate that the wifi is also included in Bora Bora and Rangiroa. It was a bit much for not having free wifi in Bora Bora because the island is still well served.

2 Intercontinental Hotels of Tahiti and Moorea were really great. Despite the size of the institutions felt there was not to be a simple number.
The pension Rurutu was also excellent. We ate very well and the excursions were very interesting. The owner knows very well his island. We also had the chance to be present during the Heiva.

Pension Fakarava was quite original. We enjoyed living without electricity as of Robinson.

All excursions we made went very smoothly ... punctuality and interesting information. Our only regret is not having had the chance to see whales.

Another big thank you to Fred who was very well organized our stay. Thanks to you we could enjoy every minute in Polynesia ... our only sadness is that Polynesia is too far from Europe ... We would have liked to spend more time and even visit more islands.

Sandrine and Loïc"


20 2016 - Marie-Madeleine & Choan et Monique, France

"Translated by Google Traduction
Since our come back, we only speak of Polynesia around us, for the greeting and friendliness of the people, landscapes, etc ....
(Except "small detail" the rain ... in April 2016 not seen weather like in 50 years, supposedly)
The purpose of our trip, a month, was to know our little girl to Raiatea and spend time with family; and at the same time discover other Polynesian islands.
Everything was great and perfect in benefits.
But an unfortunate accident prevented us from continuing as planned our discovery of Rangiroa which was its purpose.
We thank Frédéric, our travel consultant, for his intervention to quickly organize the end of the stay on Tahiti which has simplified approaches us.
Summary = dream to return one day ...."


01 2016 - Pawel , Australia

"By far the best value, far cheaper than any packages offered locally in Australia.
staff are superb. Lunch and dinner menu is relatively inexpensive. The dinner special e.g. romantic dinner packages offered at Sofitel are expensive, compared to booking a restaurant on the main island.

Thanks to Yestahiti for organizing it all, it was the best planned holiday we have been on. "


10 2016 - Mireille et Simone, Switzerland

"The islands are wonderful and very friendly locals. Excellent contact with Frederic , fabulous trip .


28 2016 - Loraine, Great Britain

"After trolling the Internet for months, trying to find a trip of a lifetime experience in French Polynesia, I came across 'Yes Tahiti'. After a long struggle of knowing which island to visit, where to stay, what to do, Frederic Bonhoure from Yes Tahiti rescued me.
I gave him instructions on things we like, what we wanted out of the trip and roughly where we thought we wanted to go.
Very quickly he came back to me with an itinerary that really didn't need tweaking. It was near as damn it, perfect, for what we wanted.
I were there for three weeks. In that time, from being picked up from the airport, every little thing was taken care of. We didn't have to think about a thing. Every time we moved on or something was happening, the night before, an itinerary was left in the room, with times and where we needed to be.
We opted for a Catamaran for one week in the middle of the three. I would suggest to anyone visiting French Polynesia to take advantage of this. It is definitely the best way to see so much without feeling stressed and hurried.
Tahiti Yacht Charter were incredible. Our captain 'Alex Delattre' and 'Tea' our crew, were incredible. I miss them every day. We were made to feel like family and they did an excellent job. The food was local cuisine and very tasty. The catamaran was kept beautiful clean and decorated with shells and flowers. The Captain was so knowledgable about the sailing, scuba diving and the history, amongst other things we asked him. He took us to places we never would have found, discovered or experienced without him. He really was amazing.
The whole trip was incredible. Something I will remember for the rest of my life. We will return, with our family. I can't wait to share the experience with them.
As we said before we left, "This is not GoodBye, it's, Until we meet again"

7 – Do you intend to come back to French Polynesia in the next three years? Yes!!!
It might be just after as it is definitely a place to mark a mile or big celebration. Our first trip was to mark our silver wedding anniversary.( I can honestly say it was as good and memorable as our wedding day)
Our second trip will be to mark our 30th anniversary. (Time to save)

Thank you for your help!"


27 2016 - Frank, France

"Our services:
1 - Information about the destination, route recommendations, choice of accommodation offered by your advisor:  (Excellent)
2 - General organization of your stay (welcome at the airport, transfers, domestic flights): (Good)
in my opinion , one would rather prefer destinations that are organized according to the rotation of flights to avoid loss of time in transfers
3 – Would you recommend YesTahiti to your friends and relations? (Yes)

Your stay:
4 - How do you rate the accommodation against your expectations? (Excellent)
5 – What do you think of the excursions and activities in relation to your expectations? (Excellent)
6 - Would you recommend Tahiti and its islands to your friends and relations? (Yes)"


25 2016 - Amélie, France

"Translated by Google translate :
An unforgettable family holiday in Moorea to Tipaniers and very romantic at the Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort and Tahaa Relais & Châteaux ... HEAVENLY ! Excursions breathtaking ! Maururu our counsel Frédéric !"


22 2016 - Marjorie, Canada

"Translated by Google Translate :
Your services were more than excellent , we are very satisfied! And we have already recommended your agency to friends, so yes, we are ready to recommend your agency !!
The hotels were great, our rooms also suggested activities were perfect and well suited to our family. Frédérique , our agent was with us from the beginning to the end , thank you for everything."


21 2016 - Vera, Spain

"Translated by Google Translate :
Everything were excellent except the weather in June and currents of water around the motu . The polinesians all super nice. Bravo. Thank you."


19 2016 - Véronique, Swizterland

"Google Translate :
Ia Orana Fred,
The dream is already over!
On behalf of my family, we wanted to thank you for the excellent organization of our trip, everything was perfect! Sailing with skipper Pierro and Yasmina hostess remains the highlight of our stay. Congratulations to you and we will not fail to recommend to our knowledge - friends for their future travels in Polynesia !
One small note which you are absolutely not responsible and the lack of rigor in the accounts of Intercontinental hotels in the 3 hotels we have to redo the bill to take into account the vouchers ..... and just settle amounts for extras.
Wishing you a good day,
Sincerely ,


28 2016 - Trevor and Loraine, Peterborough,England

"Hi Frederick,
I just wanted to say 'A Big Thank-you' to You and Jack for making our trip of a lifetime, celebrating our 25th Anniversary, completely pain free.
From start to finish, it was an amazing experience.
Never been to the French Polynesia before and having no one to ask, because no one we know have been, we were very much in the dark.
You took that worry off our hands and planned a schedule for us, with just a few 'must dos' from ourselves.
Right from the flight over, everything was taken care of. We didn't have to think about a thing, all we had to do was enjoy our time there.
 You booked the best of everything within our budget, every detail was taken into consideration and nothing was left out.
We had a schedule given to us for every time we moved to another part, stating times, pickups and drop_offs. We didn't have to ask or worry about a thing.
The catamaran was fabulous. Our captain and crew were wonderful. They made us feel like family. A week on a small vessel could have been very uncomfortable, but to the contrary, we had a blast.
After nearly three weeks of mind blowing beauty, a part of our heart will be left in French Polynesia.
We can't thank you enough for the experience and discovery of your beautiful country.
We will be returning.
With love and thanks again
Trev and Loraine Lyons
(Peterborough,England. 2016)

Sent from my iPad"


19 2016 - Isa et François, France

"In short : Excellent organization of our trip. If we could have one full day at the end of Tahiti because the craft is difficult to find in the islands

All excursions made with local guides were amazing.
Travels in Polynesia are badly sold in France. It has to be more promoted !!

Translated by google translate :
In detail : Hello Fred
Here is our return on vacation
1) destination / route: good
2) General organization: excellent if we could have one full day at the end of Tahiti because the craft is difficult to find in the islands
3) Yes you recommend Tahiti: yes
4) stay: good to excellent
Details of accommodation:
- Pension beach in Tahiti. :
a faultless they understood everything. very very good

- Bianca and Benoit in Mangareva:
business too, they do not take the time to look after us, we have "plants" at the other end of the island, we returned on foot, Bianca forgot to pick us up, she also forgot to prepare dinner.
The Maro'i pension is more available.
-Hee tai innate Nuku Iva:
Ms. Rose is a little outdated, it remained blocked there 40 years by cons staff is not especially charmant.Ne dinner here the prices are exorbitant and they are nothing in .it is very biased attitude compared to the village. She is the only one to have claimed the tax.
- Mana Tupuna to uka ua:
Superb welcome
from Karen, Sylvain and children. Stately guesthouse, very family friendly.
Even if there is no hot water or air conditioning is the best place of stay. A beautiful encounter, although we stayed there stayed longer.
-Pukuee To ua pou:
Elisa and jerome are charming but not very professional.
Elisa looks tired of everything. The pension is very clean and redone great view of the bay

-Kanahau In Hiva Oa
Tania is excellent in all !! Home, history, botany, humor, kitchen ....

Her good humor is infectious, she is always available to us, cooking as a chef. The bedrooms nice too. Another very good address.
- Raivavae Tama resort:
Eleanor and Denys are too business too.
Otherwise pleasant bungalows. We reported at the airport at Eleanor oblivion of a watch in the bathroom but it was not very concerned.
- Wipa lodge Tubuai:
Wilson is really a character to meet, good evening in his company

Very good food Gisele. The new board will be superb.
- Manotel to Rurutu:
Yves and his family are lovely. An extraordinary garden. An address to remember, flawless. Excellent cocktails made by beautiful girl.

5) excursions:
all excursions made with local were superb.
A ua uka horse with Alexis, fishing with Roger (Karen thank you for the tips)
A louse ua tour with jerome (too theoretical)
A Nuku Iva Thierry fishing excursion with Richard
Tubuai meeting with superb sculptor Jacob M Bataillard
6) course which we recommend Tahiti and her islands to everyone
Polynesia is badly sold in France, we promote it more !!
7) I have already answered it seems to me otherwise I'll write a novel.
8) of course I authorize to use my comments
But according to the guest rooms, it seems that few agencies are moving to meet them unfortunately.
Soon may be new adventures
Fred thank you
Isa and François"


17 2016 - Eric, US

"Extracts : Our trip was actually fun and I thank Frederic for helping us arranging our trip.

Good information about the destination, and the choice of accommodation.
The general organization of your stay was good and we'll recommend Yestahiti to our friends.


Our services:
1 - Information about the destination, route recommendations, choice of accommodation offered by your advisor: Good

2 - General organization of your stay (welcome at the airport, transfers, domestic flights): Good

3 – Would you recommend Yestahiti to your friends and relations? Yes

Your stay:
4 - How do you rate the accommodation against your expectations? Good
Do you have a particular give notice? 1. Intercontinental hotel is okay though the room they gave us when we are returning home is not that good. Christmas buffet in Intercontinental hotel is very expensive.
    2. Hilton for me is excellent in terms of service. Staff are very friendly and very accommodating.

5 – What do you think of the excursions and activities in relation to your expectations? Good
Do you have a particular give notice? Activities are just so expensive.

6 - Would you recommend Tahiti and its islands to your friends and relations? Yes
Why or why not? 

7 – Do you intend to come back to French Polynesia in the next three years? Yes

8 - Can we use your comments on our websites as a witness, not to mention your name, email address and any personal information? Yes

If you wish, describe your stay freely, contacts with your advisor, attach a photo and whether we can use it anonymously on our websites, facebook or google+ ...
Describe your stay in Polynesia: Our trip was actually fun and I thank Frederic for helping us arranging our trip."


19 2016 - Nicole & Christophe, France

"Translated by Google Translate

Hello Ruta,
That is now several months since we returned from a great trip we had you prepared in Polynesia.
Keeping great memories , including the Tikehau Village board, we wanted to start of the year to thank you above all wish you a very happy new year 2016 , above all, a very very healthy.
Nicole & Christophe"


19 2016 - Béatrice, France

"Translated by Google Translate

The "more ", the " least " and favorites of the trip:


Excellent organization , situation of wonderful hotels especially the villa tonoï , extraordinary activities . A big favorite for stingrays Moorea ..... but also dance spectacle at the Tiki Village.


We would have liked a little more time off to stay at least a month and a half in Polynesia.

Well organized magical journey , the choice of hotels and their locations were , again , excellent. A must see Raiatea and Moorea splendid islands and not sufaites . We keep in our heart the songs and Polynesian dances"


07 2015 - Anouar, Tunisia

"I have already sent an email to Mr. Ariimana, our amazing travel agent. He has been very cooperative and understanding, without him this honeymoon would have never happened. We are very appreciative and grateful to him and YesTahiti for the unforgettable trip of a lifetime. Below is an excerpt from the email I sent him.

"Ia Orana!
Dear Ariimana,

Hope this email finds you well. We just got back home and I could not wait to send you this email. I want to sincerely thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for helping make this the best honeymoon my wife and I could have ever asked for. Thank you very much for everything you have done. We have made memories that shall last us for ever.

It is difficult and expensive for people from this region to get to French Polynesia. But my wife and I were the first among our acquaintances to take this step. We have shared many pictures and videos of our trip with friends and many were fascinated. As a thank you, and because it is the least I can do, I will be forwarding your contact information to anyone who is interested.

I hope one day people can overlook the difficulty of getting to Tahiti from this region because it is just worth the journey. It was an amazing and a fantastic, unforgettable experience. From the joyful faces of the lovely locals to the turquoise lagoon waters.

Sincerely yours,
Also, please find a few pictures attached of our trip.
Thank you.

Best Regards,
Anouar Zebidi"


24 2015 - Courtney & Joshua, Canada


Hi Gavin/Fred:  Here are our comments to your survey.  Thank you, Fred, for helping us plan another amazing trip to French Polynesia!  Each is like a wonderful dream.  Courtney & Joshua

This is our third trip to French Polynesia and our third time using Fred.  Every trip he has helped plan for us has been executed flawlessly.  Every step of the way has been taken care of, connections (air, land and sea), hotels, and special and specific requests.  We can travel to French Polynesia with ease of mind and the security of knowing that all we have to do is just pack and show up.  If we have the chance to return to Tahiti, we will definitely enlist Fred for his assistance and expertise.  From very happy, repeat customers.

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