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The Whales have arrived!

From june to end of october - Bora Bora, Tahiti, Moorea, Rurutu

Whale watching in The Islands Of Tahiti

Grab your masks and snorkels!

With a water temperature higher than normal, the whales have arrived in our waters very early this year. Don't miss this once in a cette lifetime experience for any reason! Let yourself get carried away by the gentle power of these giants of the sea, who come to seek refuge in the protected sanctuary that Polynesia provides them.
Available on Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora & Rurutu, think about pre-reserving before you places are limited!

What happens during a whale-watching excursion?

The operator (often a diving club) knows where the whales are from experience and from information provided by fishermen or other operators. You can see whales from a distance when they breach or expel water from their blowholes. The boat slowly approaches to line up with the whales' path without really pursuing them. The tour guide determines the best time to get into the water with flippers, diving mask and snorkels. Before your encounter with this fascinating creature, it is customary to listen to the males sing by putting your head underwater. The magic happens when a whale approaches your group to let you admire its magnificence.

Up close and personal

Polynesia has been declared a Marine Mammal Sanctuary and there has been a moratorium on whale-hunting since 1986. Whale-watching is regulated and a permit has been required since 2002.

In order to ensure the Polynesia continues to be a special place for watching whales and dolphins, a number rules must be observed.

- Maintain a cautious distance (50 metres from a single individual and 100 metres from a mother with calf.

- Let the creatures come to you and do not approach them from behind.

- Maintain a constant speed and gradually change course.

- Do not trap or block the whales against the reef.

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