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Marquesas Art festival 2017

18th to 21th December 2015 - Hiva Oa

Marquisas festival

The Grand Festival of the Marquesas Islands & Arts, was created thrity years ago in 1986 by the cultural federation « MOTU HAKA O TE FENUA ENATA » and the Marquesan community.
The first edition took place the following year on the island of UA POU.
After The Grand Festival of the Marquesas Islands & Arts, place at the Mini Festival which started in 2006 .
This event take place every 4 years and it is organized with  the aim of preserving and celebrating  the Marquesan and Polynesian culture, through various activities including shows, songs, dance competitions, sports, traditional cooking, tattooing, sculptures and many other things.
This year it will be celebrated from 18 to the 21 of December 2017 on the island of Tahuata near of Hiva Oa. This event will be under the theme "Te Haatupu aè / Te haatupuìa aè" which means "growth".

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