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Bora Bora and Tahiti special offers

Bora Bora vacation deals

Special Offers include Bora Bora vacation packages that are based on the most attractive specials and short-term resort deals. Don’t wait to book one of these packages. These Bora Bora vacation deals won’t last very long.  

Ideas for your stay :

  • Stay 4 or 5 nights and get a free night stay
  • Benefit from honeymoon amenities
  • Mix and match accommodation types on different islands
  • Instead of visiting many islands, enjoy more local activities
  • Book early in order to get airfare discounts and early-bird hotel specials
  • If Bora Bora is over your budget, consider Moorea Island
Robinson's dream on a Polynesian island

Robinson's dream on a Polynesian island

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During your vacation

  • Buy a Tahitian pearl necklace at the best price
  • Pre-book your meals
  • Plan at least one excursion per island
  • Enjoy complimentary resort activities

Feel free ! You're at the edge of the world.

Feel free ! You're at the edge of the world.

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