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"The costumes dance" at the Museum of Tahiti

From June 26, 2018 to January 15, 2019 - Tahiti

museum tahiti costume

The Museum of Tahiti and the islands will host June 26, 2018 January 15, 2019 the 3rd edition of the exhibition "Dance suits".

80 pieces from the 1930s to today make up this exhibition. Review by Manouche Lehartel, it will present the particular collection of "great costumes" winning the contest traditional songs and dances duHeiva since 1993, but also the oldest costumes, bequeathed by award-winning collectors.

This exhibition will allow the public to plunge into the atmosphere of past Heiva, admiring closely the extraordinary work of the artisans who make these pieces annually exceptions but are unfortunately visible for a Heiva. This collection is a valuable testimony of the expertise of the craftsmen who worked extensively with choreographers and troop leaders to create_these essential elements to the readability of the show. Indeed costumes are there to serve the theme of each company, by the material, colors, and textures, but it also allows to showcase the dancers' movements. The suit is a worn element, it must withstand the movements of the dancers, speed choreography; we know, the 'holding' costumes is one of the criteria considered during the Heiva contest benefits.

This revisited scenography will put more emphasis on the production and composition of costumes and less on the themes of the shows which they are attached. This presentation aims to highlight the diversity of the costumes yet made with the same basic materials: fiber, pearls, coconut shells. So the first room presents some old costumes and a clothing workshop, to discover the materials 'natural' before their integration into the costumes.

The next big room then present a selection of great winners costumes editions Heiva, not chronologically as to the latest exhibitions, but by theme or group. The exhibition will close with a presentation of headdresses, often spectacular elements of the costume.

The exhibition begins with the Heiva 2018, and ending after Tapairu Hura. The museum hopes to accompany, through its programming, cultural events of the country. Beyond a retrospective, this exhibition is also meant as an inspiration for future designers.

Opening hours: open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. except Monday.
Full price: 800 FCFP / person. for the exhibition, 1000 XPF / person. for inputting all access (Temporary exhibition / MTI Collections).
Group rates (from 10 pers.): 700 XPF / person. 900 XPF / person. for inputting all access.
MTI website:

also for the days of July 13 and 14, the Museum will host Tu'aro Maohi, the group rate will be offered the opportunity for input in the two exhibition halls .


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