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Festival Taputapuatea 2019 Raiatea

July 08 to 13th, 2019 - Raiatea

Festivity - Photos of Alexandra SIGAUDO-FOURNY

This festival, which as every year is celebrated on the island of raiatea, will run from 08 to 13 july 2019 from 17:00. A special event not to be missed!

Also known as "The 9 tentacles of the octopus sliding on the ocean", this festival traces the history of Polynesian migrations and proves the links that remain between the different peoples and the sacred island of Hawaiki.
On the remains of the "marae" (temples) will be held celebrations, different ceremonies and customs of a past time. It is also an event that highlights this prestigious site, which has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since July 9, 2017. Taputapuatea also illustrates nearly 1000 years of Tahitian civilization, and a particular social organization with peasants, warriors, priests, fishermen, kings... etc.
The octopus mentioned in the title of the festival is also a symbol of advanced knowledge of navigation. The Polynesians are the first to have crossed the oceans over long distances without instruments and simply with the help of large double canoes with sails.
The migration of Polynesians in the Pacific being represented here by the octopus body representing the island of Raiatea and the migratory flows to populate the other islands here represented by the tentacles retracing the sea routes used.
The marae is one of the largest and today is the only one recognized worldwide. It is the marae of all the islands, generally gathering the different kings of each island. A sacred place dedicated to religious, social and political activities. It is also the representation of a door to communicate with gods and spirits.
Nowadays it is a site of gathering for the Polynesian peoples who will then make a pilgrimage from New Zealand, Hawaii, New Caledonia, Samoa, and Vanuatu.
Perfect if you want to live an extraordinary experience, come and immerse yourself in a particular atmosphere that will take you back in time.
Indeed Taputapuatea being located on the island of Raiatea which is also called Hawaiki by the Tahitians. Symbol of the sacred island, the first land populated in Polynesia. It is therefore the cradle of Polynesian culture.

Marae Hauviri et Marae Opu Teina crédit D. Hazama
The Polynesian octopus
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