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« Polynesian hospitality is matched by the diversity and beauty of its landscapes »


The famous Polynesian hospitality is matched by the diversity and beauty of its landscapes. Do not hesitate to combine your stay between lush islands (such as Moorea & Bora Bora) and wild atolls (Rangiroa & Fakarava like)!

« « As we approach the season, I invite you to discover the humpback whales! » »


The best time is between July and October. Indeed, we have the privilege of being on the migration route of the majestic humpback whales and since 2002, French Polynesia is listed as marine mammal sanctuary. During the season they come to mate and calve which offers visitors wonderful opportunities to meet a mother and her calf. To put the odds on your side, you should know that in July / August the whales are mostly in the warm waters of the Society archipelago, then they head down to the Australes archipelago in September, especially in Rurutu. I can help you organize the most suitable trip possible and perhaps you will realize your dream of swimming with the worldwide known humpback whales! This is a rare and precious moment; few have had the chance to do in their lives.

« Even though considered a bit touristy, go to Bora Bora. »


Her nickname ‘the Pearl of the Pacific’ is well deserved. This is a place for anyone who is in love especially honeymooners. Whether you choose to stay in a luxury resort or a family hotel, lodgings have all kept that romantic aspect. In the evening, go have a drink at the mythical Bloody Mary’s. You may see movie stars… but hush! Everybody there is “incognito” !

« The Polynesian islands will offer you some unique underwater encounters »


If you are searching for adventure or interested by sea life. During your stay, you should enjoy our exclusive aquatic excursions like : "shark & ray feeding", swim with dolphins, or scuba diving lessons. The Polynesian islands will offer you some unique underwater encounters : Sharks of many different species, sea turtles, manta rays, dolphins, schools of jackfish or baraccudas, and much more...

« If you can, travel during low or mid season »

Maeva, Sales Manager

Our rainy season is from mid November to mid March, which doesn't mean that it rains everyday, but it is more risky to take your umbrella out during your vacation. During April, May and November, you can expect ideal temperatures, and enjoy low to mid season rates for flights (you can save up to 700 EUR per person compared to very high season rates!) and hotels. If your travel dates are flexible, think about it!

« Quad in Moorea, it's a magnificent excursion and the best way of discovering the island. »


I really like the Quad in Moorea, it is a magnificent excursion and especially according to me an e way of discovering the island.
Drive on the main road until the Opunohu bay and then reach the Belvedere panoramic view.
After a short break and a short drive, the tour will stop at the agricultural school. This is the perfect place to drive slowly through the local vegetation and listen the explanations of your guide about the tropical fruits, vegetables and their use in the Polynesian life.
You will drive then on different path to go on the "Bounty trail" from which you will appreciate a spectacular view on mountains around.
The next target is to reach the summit of the "Magic mountain". You will have to drive through different valleys, and where the road ends, continue by feet during 2 minutes only : a 360° panoramic view is waiting for you … just gorgeous ! Those moments reminds me that i have to live in "Paradis".
Sensations, escape, natural amateur everything is there to indulge yourself!

« Get off the beaten tracks. »

Maeva, Sales Manager

Bora Bora, the Pearl of the Pacific, remains a must-see in your itinerary for first time visitors. However with so many secluded islands you will leave with fond memories of outstanding sceneries and friendly human encounters.
The local people are so friendly and love to introduce you to the authentic Polynesia. Let me help you book a vacation that will be exactly what you expect !

« Bear in mind that Tahiti and Her Islands are not just blue lagoons and white sandy beaches. »


Make the most of the Polynesian “art of living”:
• Discover local handicraft
• Be mesmerized by the Polynesian culture (dance, songs and costumes)
• Share a traditional Polynesian meal with flavors that are surprising and delicious.
I promise, these are the best moments along with the friendly Tahitian greeting!

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