Mangareva, an original cultural step

You will come to Mangareva for two reasons: its breathtaking lagoon that contains both high mountainous islands with lush vegetation and coral islands, or its cultural heritage coming from the Christianization of Polynesia.

  • 1600km / 1000 miles southeast Tahiti (2h50 flight)
  • Area : 15km² of land
  • Population : 950
  • Main village : Rikitea
  • 1 accommodation
  • Airport : Mangareva, motu Totegegie
  • White sand beaches
  • Mount Duff
View from the mountain on the lagoon of Mangareva island
View from the mountain on the lagoon of Mangareva island
Must see
  • The Saint Michel Cathedral and its altar decorated with perles and mother-of-pearl
  • The Rouru convent and Maputeoa tomb
  • The pearl farms and mother-of-pearl engraving centre
  • The «ghost village» of Agokono
Beach on Mangareva island
Beach on Mangareva island
Couple walking on a beach of Mangareva island
Couple walking on a beach of Mangareva island
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During your vacation
  • Hiking and horse riding
  • The Cathedral and others Christians sites
  • Lagoon toura
Mangareva island
Mangareva island

Customer reviews


24/01/2018 - Paolo, Italy

Excellent Yes! Everything was perfect. One of the best vacations of my life !!! Hotels, particularly, the ones in Bora Bora where top notch. Yes. I would recommend Tahiti (beautiful), Bora Bora (super) and Rangiroa!


26/12/2017 - Bruce et Aileen, USA

Yestahiti took all the worry out of planning a trip to an unfamiliar place. The catamaran with tahiti Yatch charters was the highlight of our trip. We had a wonderful time everything went smoothly and everything was beautiful We loved our trip.  Everything was perfect.  We could not have asked for a better experience.  The Catamaran...


05/12/2017 - Francesco,

Translated by Google Translate: "Fred, we wanted to write to you to thank you for all the organization of our trip in Polynesia We had an excellent experience during this second stay in Polynesia We were afraid of not finding the same feelings we had during our first stay, but sincerely Polynesia always has something to surprise us and bewitch...

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