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The Cathedral "Notre Dame de Papeete"

Temples, churches and marae of Fenua

Saturday, March 30, 2019 - Papeete

If you are passionate about history and historical sites, a day of discovery of the remains of Tahiti Island awaits you. Come and discover the different structures dating back to before and after colonization. Meet in Papeete for the start of the tour.
The program:
7:00 am – Breakfast at the Tourism Office.
7:45 am – Stop at Notre Dame Cathedral in Papeete and the Protestant temple of Paofai.
8:30 am – Guided tour of the marae Ta’ata in Paea by Raymond GRAFFE.
10:00 am – Guided tour of the marae Mahaiatea in Papara by Raymond GRAFFE.
11:30 am – Guided tour of St. John-Baptist Church in Mataiea district.
12:30 pm – Lunch time in a Polynesian atmosphere in Papearii district.
1:30 pm – Guided tour of Juliette wellness garden.
2:00 pm – Guided tour of the marae Nuutere in Vairao.
4:00 pm – Coffee break at the “Trou du souffleur” in Tiarei.
5:00 pm – Guided tour of the Kanti temple in Papeete. 
6:00 pm – Back to the Tourism Office.
Reservation at (available 2 weeks before)
Adult rate: 9 000 XPF
Child rate (under 12 years old): 5 000 XPF

Organizer: Tahiti Tourisme
Email address:
Facebook: MyTahiti

Brunch Buffet


Every Sunday - Sofitel Moorea

Enjoy a quiet day where relaxation and relaxation will be available every Sunday from 12:00 to 15:00! Brunchs at Sofitel Moorea will bring you joy and pleasure, with a breathtaking view of Tahiti, a musical entertainment that will be presented to you by the HAUATA Trio. Your children can also have fun with the entertainment of Nani the clown.

Relax by the white sandy beach and enjoy the delights of the sea.

Adult rates: 7 400 XPF
Children's rates (under 12 years old): 3 700 XPF
Package: Brunch + Ferry ticket round trip + Moorea taxi round trip + beach access all day long: 9 800 XPF

Information and booking at 40 55 12 12 12

 Teiva SC

Teiva LC

Saturday, February 23, 2019 7:00 p.m. - Sofitel Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort

Have a Wonderful evening with amazing Teiva SC Saturday, February 23 at the Sofitel Moorea Beach Resort!
Free admission from 19h

We are waiting for this magnificent evening!

Correct outfit required. Management reserves the right input.
Information and reservations at 40 55 December 12

magnificent millenary Polynesian culture

Magnificent Polynesia Sofitel Moorea

Wednesdays & Saturdays - Sofitel Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort

Let’s celebrate our magnificent millenary Polynesian culture !
Discover the richness of craftsmanship during the workshops at 5 PM that will lead you to the opening of the Ahimaa (traditional oven) at 6:30 PM and taste the local specialties at our buffet from 7 PM Discover the Tahitian dance with our Polynesian show and vibrate to the rythmn of the ukulele !


Week of November 20th - Polynesian Sky

"Matari’i i ni’a", where the season of abundance “tau ‘auhune” begins. The transition from a period to another was a
key moment in the ancient life and was marked by important rites and rituals. Nowadays, many manifestations allow
us to relive these authentic moments; the other period is "Matari’i i raro", on the upcoming Saturday, May 20th, 2018.

Association Haururu -Vetea Avaemai - Tel.: (689) GSM: (689)


Saturday October 27th -

Moorea island special tour in local transportation “le truck” in ‘ukulele strolling atmosphere visiting sites with a lunch
of traditional food "ma'a Tahiti".
Tahiti Tourisme - Tel.: (689) /

More info >
First International Festival of Tifaifai

First International Festival of Tifaifai

Friday, October 12, 2018 - Mayor De Punaauia

The 1st International Festival of Tifaifai is an opportunity to discover or rediscover the techniques of this craft fabric. Applied, patchwork, crochet or embroidery, the Tifaifai expresses the story of its creator ...

Heiva evenings Fire

Heiva evenings Fire

September 1st, 2018 - Le Méridien Tahiti

Every first Saturday of each month, enjoy a warm evening with the dance group Marquesas TOA HUHINA Andy Tupaia and group Fire Dance: Tama Te Ahi around a Polynesian buffet at La Plantation!

Adult Buffet at 6580 F
child Buffet at 3400 F
Free for children - 4 years

Information and reservations 40 47 07 34 or by email at

Okeanos Pearl

Okeanos Pearl, the solar catamaran

Now - Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort 4*

A totally innovative vessel

The Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort 4* is proud to present the first solar catamaran of French Polynesia. Reserved for the hotel guests only, this luxury electric/solar catamaran with its clean lines has been designed to explore the lagoon and admire the beauty of our islands, while respecting our environment thanks to a zero carbon emission engine!

Get onboard for a superb sunset cruise, taking full advantage of the tranquility and pureness of the lagoon of Bora Bora. Service available in the hotel's Exclusive Services range.



Monday, July 16, 2018 to Thursday, July 26, 2018 - Tahiti


More info >



Another nice program at the Tiki Bar in this new week of August:

Lundi 06 and Tuesday, August 7: Instant Sunset
"Caviar / Champagne" at 17:30 in the Lobby Bar.
For a bottle of Billecart Salmon bought a box of 12gr Petrossian offered!

Mercredi 08: From 17:30 enjoy a pleasant evening with the arrival of TOREA!

Jeudi 09: Come live at 17:30 Bubbles Thursday accompanied by Acoustic Party group

Vendredi 10: Start the beauty wee-kend with Vaheana Fernandez at 17:30!

Samedi 11: Have a great time at 17:30 with the coming of TahSession group!

Remember, happy hour at the Tiki Bar is every day between 16:30 and 17:30 on the cocktail of the month!



From 1st-14 Febuary - The gardens of Papeete Town Hall

In the gardens of the city hall of Papeete, neighborhoods present their flowers and jewelry creations in all their scents and colors in full celebration of the feast of lovers.

Neighborhood Associations of Papeete
GSM: (689)

InterContinental Tahiti


Sunday, December 31st, 2017 - InterContinental Tahiti

Discover our holiday program, for exceptional moments to celebrate with family or friends!

To welcome the year 2018 as it should be, the InterContinental Tahiti Resort invites you to its Eve party on New Year's Eve!

Sunday, December 31st:

Te Tiare Restaurant: New Year's Eve Buffet and Festive Evening
The Lotus Restaurant: Gourmet Dinner

Monday 1st of January:

Te Tiare Restaurant: Tahitian Brunch, Gourmet New Year's Buffet
The Lotus Restaurant: À la carte lunch

Daily reservation in the lobby of the hotel from 9.30am to 5pm. Total prepayment required to confirm the reservation.

Jean-Baptiste Piard

Vaitohi Restaurant

December, 2017 - Manava Suite Resort Tahiti

Chef Jean-Baptiste Piard awaits you at Vaitohi restaurant in Manava Tahiti with a new menu. It offers fine cuisine, high in taste and color, influenced by his many travels.
In addition to the arrival of its new chef, Manava Suite Resort Tahiti is getting organic with a new menu of vegan smoothies and cocktails available at the Taapuna Pool Bar!

Polynesian craftsmanship


December 20-24, 2017 - The Assembly of French Polynesia

The association of the Polynesian craftsmanship offers in Papeete an extraordinary showcase of the know-how and the diversity of the crafts in the hall of the Assembly of French Polynesia.

Association Bijouterie d’Art Polynésien – Phone. : (689) – Faaura BOUTEAU Phone : (689)

Maquisas Fair

November 21st- December 3rd, 2017 - Mamao Place

This year, once is not custom, the 45th fair of the artisans of the Marquesas Islands opens its doors Tuesday, November 21 in the square Mamao.

Until Sunday, December 3, 2017, the exhibition site will be the scene of many events and demonstrations of traditional crafts of the Marquesas Islands. With the support of the Ministry of Crafts and the Traditional Crafts Department, this event organized by the "Te Tuhuka o te Henua Enana" federation welcomes 111 exhibitors representing 35 associations under the chairmanship of Mr. Stéphane TUOHE.

Each Salon of the Marquesas Islands is an opportunity for these artisans from Tahuata, Ua Pou, Hiva oa, Nuku-hiva, Fatu-hiva and Ua Huka to promote the traditional art of their archipelago and thus show the general public, local and foreign the value of their work. The creations exhibited, from a rigorous selection of the best products of the Marquesas Islands, demonstrate the skill of these women and men to create_bone and seed ornaments, to transform bark breadfruit, bagnan or mulberry, tapa. Original sculptures in blooming stones or bone, engraved wooden trunks or pyrography objects will not fail to delight visitors.

For thirteen days, the Mamao square will vibrate under the colors of the Marquesas archipelago with cultural days presenting demonstrations of carved objects, tapa making, and making necklaces in seeds. The performances of Marquesan dances will be provided by the groups "Te Toa vii fenua", "Taki iki", "Kaipeka" and "Toa huhina".
The craftswomen will be proud to discover the famous "kumu hei", also called "bouquet of love" because of the aphrodisiac scents it gives off and which perfumes beautifully the hair of the Polynesian.

The official inauguration will take place on Tuesday, November 21, 2017 at 10 am, on the Mamao Square in Papeete. Two dates are already on offer, on Saturdays, November 25 and December 2, starting at 10 am, days that include all the demonstrations made during the week and which are also devoted to the preparation and tasting of typical dishes. of the Marquesas.

The public opening hours are from 8 am to 7 pm An inaugural and daily program is attached to the press release. For further information, contact Sarah VAKI at 87 747 538.

tahiti tattoo

Polynesia TATAU

November 11-14th, 2017 - Tahiti et her islands

This annual international and cultural event is the official tattoo festival of Tahiti Et Ses Îles. It aims to promote, protect and enhance the art of Polynesian tattooing, bringing together local and international professional tattoo artists. It will be held at the Museum of Tahiti and the Islands, where workshops and guided tours of Polynesian ethnographic objects related to this art will be set up.

Association Porinetia Tatau - GSM: (689)


Heritage Day

Heritage Day

September 16th-17th - Museum Tahiti and its Islands

The 34th edition of the European Heritage Days will be held on 16 and 17 September 2017, on the theme of youth.

This edition will be resolutely aimed at the young public and its awareness of the heritage, the history of the Nation and the history of art, or heritage trades.

Understanding and knowing heritage in its historical and social context means better understanding the society in which Polynesians live. It is to discern the values on which it is built in order to understand them, to question them, in order better to appropriate them.

More info >
happy hour intercontinental tahiti

Tiki Bar Agenda

5th-10th of September, 2017 - Intercontinental Tahiti

Tuesday 5th September:
6pm: Instant Sunset - Cocktail and champagne at the Lobby Bar

Wednesday 6th September:
5:30 pm: Torea live at the Tiki Bar
7 pm: Marquisas evening at the restaurant Te Tiare

Thursday 7th September:
5:30 pm: Tiki Bubbles with DJ Paskall and Emilie DLF at the Tiki Bar

Friday 8th September:
5:30 pm: Vevo live at the Tiki Bar
7 pm: Wonderful evening (Soirée merveilleuse) at Te Tiare restaurant

Saturday 9th September:
5:30 pm: Brothers In Arms live at Tiki Bar

Sunday 10th September:
7.00: Sunday brunch with Tupuna Kultur at Te Tiare restaurant

Black and white picture of a Tahitian group of dancers called Temaeva with traditional clothes and in front of a marae

Coco Hotahota and Temaeva present Te Hau Pahu Nui

Saturdays 22 and 29 July 2017 at 3:45pm -

Coco Hotahota celebrates the 55th anniversary of the birth of its mythical group, Temaeva, and this year offers a traditional show on the Marae Arahurahu in Paea. Produced by the French Polynesia Artistic Conservatory with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Te Hau pahu nui promises a real recreation time carried by about a hundred artists, including a singing group.

Under the theme of Te Hau Pahu Nui, Temaeva relates the alliance of the chiefdoms of Tahiti, Moorea and Maia’o. If this agreement constitutes a formidable union to face the possible attacks, it is also a pretext in its interpretation to the staging of royal courts’ glory and allows to revive the Maimoa or epa dances. Each island is identified by its color: Tahiti red and white, Moorea yellow and white, Maia’o black and white.

To the sound of all the instruments, the dancers appear on both sides of the marae, perform an ‘öte’a’ ‘ötamu’ and then retreat and settle in tïfene. The men enter in turn on a ta’au (prayer). While they dance their ‘öte’a’ pahu ‘, the dancers propose an ‘aparima vävä at the same time as the ‘öte’a of men. But at the sound of the pü, time and the dances stop: royal courts make their entrance.

Te Hau Pahu Nui: Saturdays 22 and 29 July 2017 at 3:45pm
Marae Arahurahu in Paea
Single price : 2 000 Fcfp
Tickets on sale in Radio 1 and both Carrefour shopping centers
Information +689 40 50 14 14 / 40 434 100


Heiva i Tahiti 2017

21st To 22nd July 2017 - Toata

Friday 21 July 2017

6:00 – 11:00 pm : WINNERS NIGHT


Adults : 4 000 Fcfp (center), 2 500 Fcfp (sides)
Children (from 2 to 11 years old) : 1 500 Fcfp (center), 1 000 Fcfp (sides)
Free On-demand « baby » ticket for children under 2 years old
Disabled person + Follower : 1 500 Fcfp (in front of the scene)

Tickets sale only at Maison de la Culture only (+689 40 544 544), and online
Please note that only Pacific francs are welcome
Credit card from 1 500 XPF, Visa & Mastercard only.
8th of june : 8am to 7:30pm
Saturday the 10th of june : 15pm
From 12th of june : from Monday to Thursday 8am to 5pm, Friday from 8am to 4pm
Tickets sales available 1:30 before shows


Saturday 22 July 2017

6:00 pm – 11:00 pm – TAUPITI I TO’ATA NIGHT
This night is dedicated to dance category winners (1st and 2nd dance runner-ups)


Adults : 3 000 Fcfp (center), 2 000 Fcfp (sides)
Children (from 2 to 11 years old) : 1 500 Fcfp (center), 1 000 Fcfp (sides)
Free On-demand « baby » ticket for children under 2 years old
Disabled person + Follower : 1 500 Fcfp (in front of the scene)

Tickets sale only at Maison de la Culture only (+689 40 544 544), and online
Please note that only Pacific francs are welcome
Credit card from 1 500 XPF, Visa & Mastercard only.
8th of june : 8am to 7:30pm
Saturday the 10th of june : 15pm
From 12th of june : from Monday to Thursday 8am to 5pm, Friday from 8am to 4pm
Tickets sales available 1:30 before shows


Miss Tahiti 2017

Friday, 23th of June 2017 - Papeete City Hall

As usual, the Miss Tahiti gala allows the public to nominate her favorite candidate, who will directly access the final quartet of Miss Tahiti 2017, June 23, 2017.

An election that will be under the sign of Polynesian festive atmospheres from the 40s to 70s. The vahines will parade through the gardens of the Papeete town hall and offer performances of local joie de vivre through several paintings in which the committee makes Tribute to the famous dance hall Le Quinn's, to the Tiurai celebrations, to the rituals, and to the popular Tahitian balls. An innovative theme that changes from what we are used to seeing, like the unusual duo that will present the event: Hinarere Taputu and ... Jean-Pierre Foucault (French Presenter TV) , the famous animator who is in charge of the prestigious competition of Miss France for more than 20 years!

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day

Sunday 18th, June 2017 - InterContinental Tahiti Resort & Spa

On Sunday, June 18th, come & share a magnificent day in family on the occasion of the Father's Day.

Restaurant Te Tiare

From 7.00 to 11.00 am, Tahitian brunch livened up by a musical trio and a show of the group Manahau.
7 000 cfp/adult - 3 500 cfp/child under 12
From 12:30 am to 3 pm, Buffet with Tahitian Food Specialities and show of the group Toa Huhina.
A cocktail will be offered to all the fathers
8 300 cfp/adult - 4 150 cfp/child under 12

Restaurant The Lotus

From 12.00 to 2:30 pm, have lunch à la carte and gastronomic suggestions.
A glass of champagne Billecart-Salmon will be offered to all the fathers.

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