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2 Polynesian islands in the Tripadvisor Top 3

2014 - Bora Bora, Moorea

Aerial view on Bora Bora

Top islands in the heart of tourists and specialists:

As every year the rankings in the two global benchmarks tourism reward the islands of Polynesia.
The Tripadvisor site reviews first class Bora Bora and Moorea in its third TOP10 of the South Pacific islands. Bora Bora is also 3rd in world ranking.
Conde Nast Traveler, the world leader in quality tourism top 5 instead of our islands in the TOP10 of the Pacific Islands and Australia.
Bora Bora: #1
Moorea: #3
Huahine: #6
Raiatea: #7
Rangiroa: #8

These rankings show the whole point of a trip to Tahiti and its islands.

Unlike other heavenly destinations, Polynesia and its 118 islands offer a variety of landscapes and unparalleled atmosphere. A stay of 3 or 4 islands you will discover both high islands with lush vegetation and colorful lagoons of atolls to taste around the world.
Tahiti and her islands offer more than its bungalows on stilts. It is a journey into the world, a unique feeling of being away from it all while having a multitude of activities at hand. Whether you stay in the most luxurious hotels or the simplest of pensions here you enjoy an unrivaled luxury, the exclusivity of being in Polynesia over 5,000 km from any continental land.

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