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4 hidden paradises to discover.

- Ahe, Mangareva, Ua Pou, Rimatara


Beyond a traditional trip to Bora Bora, discover 4 islands and experience the journey of a lifetime in contact with a comunity who will share their unique way of life.


You have traveled the world in search of the Isle of Dreams. Now you found it. An atoll lagoon surrounding a thousand shades of blue and guests who will share their way of life based on fishing and pearl farming.


1h45 flight south of Tahiti, discover untouched nature, maintained until 2006 the rest of the world by an almost total isolation. Since the establishment of the airfield 2 pensions opened their doors to welcome you in this paradise.


It is an island but it is also an archipelago, the Gambier. Mangareva lagoon contains all five islands of the archipelago and offers a variety of unique landscapes. With its cathedral St Michel Rikitea it is an essential step in understanding the Christianization of Polynesia.

Ua Pou

The smallest island Marquesas offers majestic basalt peaks and breathtaking panoramas. Cradle festival Marquesas, you will meet artisans dexterity renowned perpetuate traditions and will share their passion.

In all these islands our teams selected and tested for you accommodation with a level of comfort that is surprising given the isolation of the place.

If you want to try a different way of life, our experts will be on hand to offer advice on tours truly bespoke. They will take you where nobody knows go.

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