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The best 3 months to travel in Polynesia

April, May, November - Tahiti

Couple walking on a Polynesian beach

A perfect climate

Romance in The Islands Of Tahiti

Polynesia is safe all year from extreme weather conditions with temperatures rarely exceeding 30 °Celsius, excellent sunshine conditions 10 months out of 12 and moderate rainfall compared to other tropical destinations during the two months of the Rainy season.

The months of April, May and November are particularly distinguished by offering an excellent sunshine, longer days between June and August, perfect wind conditions (weak and slightly refreshing winds) and warm water.

Rain and temperature in the islands of Tahiti

This favorable climatic situation is relevant at those times in the 5 archipelagos of French Polynesia.

Preferred pricing conditions

During those months the price of the stay will be 25% to 40% cheaper than high season, from early June to late October.
The choice of accommodation will be much larger and you'll get much more easily over-rankings and exclusive benefits.
Couple walking on a paradisiac beach in The Islands Of Tahiti

Peaceful easy feeling, the place to be

Although Polynesia remains protected from mass tourism throughout the year, in high season you will rarely be alone to discover the most majestic landscapes of our islands.

If you want to experience this unique and extraordinary sensation of being totally alone in paradise, the months of April, May or October will be the perfect time for you.

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