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Air Tahiti Nui brings you closer to Tahiti

july 2013 - Bora Bora, Tahiti

Airline compagnie heading to Tahiti

18 New American cities connected to Tahiti and Bora Bora.

Thanks to agreements between the local company Air Tahiti Nui and American Airlines travel becomes easier between 18 American cities and Tahiti or Bora Bora. Your air ticket coupon together on the same flight domestic U.S., international flight and possible inter-island flight to give you many benefits:

For travelers it is the insurance to travel in optimum conditions:

  • Support for the luggage to arrive in Papeete, you do not have to retrieve your luggage in Los Angeles.
  • Possibility to continue the ticket on other Polynesian islands such as Raiatea and Rangiroa.
  • In case of disturbed situation (delayed train or plane for example) you get a support privileged since your registration is at your departure airport. In case of delay on a flight is not for correspondence, you are well on the following priority flights at no extra cost.
  • The baggage allowances are identical on all flights booked, including inter-island flights.
  • Times of matches are held at shorter.

Upon boarding the flight on Air Tahiti Nui in Los Angeles you are in Polynesia:

  • You are greeted by a local board staff dressed in Polynesian colors and you can already smell the subtle fragrance of Tiare flower, symbol of the company.
  • You travel in cabins refurbished, equipped with the latest multimedia entertainment systems.
  • In economy class you sit in the seats wider on the market and with a totally innovative retractable armrest system.
  • A brief stop in Los Angeles will allow you to stretch your legs and you do not have to worry about your luggage. They will follow you to Tahiti.

Upon arrival you will be treated immediately legendary Polynesian hospitality and will be welcomed by a group of traditional dance and music before being supported by our hostesses that will lead you to your hotel.

These offers are available at the start of cities shown on the map above cons, do not hesitate to ask your travel consultant for more information or request a custom quote.

Air Tahiti Nui Map - France
Air Tahiti Nui Map - USA
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