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New aircrafts for your comfort

august 2014 - Tahiti

Air Tahiti plane from the domestic airlines

Air Tahiti, the airline operating flights between the islands of French Polynesia have just received two new aircrafts from the ATR family.

Maximum comfort and reliability:

There are two ATR 42/600 of 48 seats that complement an already extensive fleet of two other equivalent devices and 7 ATR 72/500 of 68 seats.

These new generation models offer a new cabin, more comfort, even offering a "square" 4-seater face to face, very friendly. The new engines are more fuel efficient and and quieter.

These devices were chosen for their ability to land on short runways of less than 1200 m in length, reliability and comfort. They provide travelers easy access to all the wonderful islands of Polynesia

See the video.

A unique view:

Flying up to ten minutes (Tahiti - Moorea, Bora Bora - Raiatea) to nearly 4 hours (the Marquesas, the Cook Islands) to a maximum altitude of 6000 meters, each flight will be the opportunity to discover our islands from a different angle and take amazing photos.

Beyond an ordinary journey, enjoy a trip between the azure blue of our skies and the emerald greens of enchanting lagoons.

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