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Papeete Market

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Papeete Market

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the Tahitian local lifestyle? If it is the case for you, let’s meet at Papeete Market every Sunday very early in the morning. And we’re saying very early it is not at 7am but more around 5am. Indeed, Sunday, the market of Papeete comes alive at 4am. You have to be an early riser if you want to enjoy the best products of French Polynesia.

The market can be considered as the heart of the city. There, you will find fishes freshly caught from the lagoon and the offshore, local fruits and vegetables and handicraft products.

All the gastronomy of French Polynesia is present through Polynesian and Chinese flavors. We highly recommend you to buy the “Pua Roti” (crispy pork and barbecued pork). Tahitians eat this food with a French baguette for breakfast, and it is just amazingly tasty! You will probably see huge queues of people waiting for their Pua roti . Try also the “Firi Firi”, it’s a famous beignet in French Polynesia. One or two Firi Firi will be perfect for your breakfast. At the Papeete Market, you can also buy all the ingredients required to cook the famous Tahitian raw fish with coconut milk. Indeed, all the ingredients to make a good “ma’a Tahiti” are available at the market of Papeete.

The market is a cosmopolitan place; you will hear speak Tahitian, French and Hakka (Chinese dialect spoken by Chinese of Tahiti). It is a real friendly place where the Polynesian culture surrounds everyone. Going to the Market Sunday morning is a step that you cannot miss during your stay in Tahiti. It is an authentic place that has succeeded to keep its exceptional charm during all these years. 

If you rather prefer to sleep Sunday morning you have also the opportunity to go to the market of Papeete the other days of the week. The opening hours are: Monday from 5am to 6pm, Tuesday to Saturday from 4am to 6pm and Sunday from 3am to 9am.

For more information please contact this number: +689 40 43 67 15

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