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For travelers in search of authenticity, boarding a cruise passenger freighter ship is a great way to meet the Polynesians and to understand their customs.  You will discover the islands’ specific navigational rhythm, a rhythm combining the gentleness and strength of the Marquesan people. You are going on a trip to the famous Marquesas islands following the steps of the famous painter Gauguin and French singer Brel. A journey of authenticity and true adventure, don’t be surprised if a strong sense of freedom takes hold….

Ideas for a perfect stay :

  • Visit Ua Huka’s 3 valleys
  • 4WD safari in Nuku Hiva
  • Hike in Hiva Oa
  • Polynesian night
  • Swim and picnic on the beach
  • Visit the burial place of French singer Jaques Brel and French painter Paul Gauguin
  • Traditional Monoi making
  • Snorkel Fakarava
  • Tour of the Gauguin Museum in Atuona
  • Horse riding

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