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Yestahiti is French Polynesia’s first travel agency and has been in operation since 1965.

Bora Bora, Tahiti, Moorea, Huahine, Rangiroa or less famous islands…
Luxury hotel resorts or family hotels, regular accommodation or private catamaran…
Honeymoon or family trip, with friends or as a couple…
Lagoon or mountain tours, incredible diving or experience off the beaten tracks…

Throughout Tahiti and Her Islands, Yestahiti offers you the widest range of ideas for your French Polynesian trip - lodgings, activities, itineraries… at the best possible conditions and rates.

Expert advisors of Tahiti & Her Islands



Frédéric has been working with Yestahiti for over 10 years and has traveled the Society and Tuamotu islands, as well as the Marquesas and the Australs. He carefully reviews the best deals daily in order to offer you the best possible rates for any given itinerary. Ideas for tours and discovery are no secret to him and he always analyzes his clients’ specific requests ensuring their stay is memorable.
His favorite islands: Huahine et Raivavae
His first advice: “Get off the beaten tracks.
Bora Bora, the Pearl of the Pacific, remains a must-see in your itinerary for first time visitors. However with so many secluded islands you will leave with fond memories of outstanding sceneries and friendly human encounters.
The local people are so friendly and love to introduce you to the authentic Polynesia. Let me help you book a vacation that will be exactly what you expect!’’


Further to her studies in visual communication, Mahearani first followed her passion for the islands and French Polynesia whilst working on the promotion of the Tahiti cultured pearl and the “Maison de la Perle” in Tahiti. She joined the team of Yestahiti in early 2011 and is now in charge of managing our website. Her love for images and unique lights found around our islands definitely reflects the various contents of our website.
Her favorite islands:
Moorea, given her proximity of Tahiti (30 minutes away by ferry boat), is ideal to relax after a flight. It is the perfect scenic place to practice stand-up paddle board and have a “motu” islet picnic with friends while facing Haapiti district. Rangiroa has remained genuine. It is like Bora Bora 20 years ago. It hosts an incredible lagoon and passes making it a special place for scuba diving. Besides, fans of the famous Tahiti black pearl will have the opportunity to visit the largest pearl farm of French Polynesia.
Her advice:
Bear in mind that Tahiti and Her Islands are not just blue lagoons and white sandy beaches. Make the most of the Polynesian “art of living”:
• Discover local handicraft
• Be mesmerized by the Polynesian culture (dance, songs and costumes)
• Share a traditional Polynesian meal with flavors that are surprising and delicious.
I promise, these are the best moments along with the friendly Tahitian greeting!


He is a fan of surf and extreme sports. He joined the team in 2005. Better than anyone, he is an expert in the knowledge of the islands’ various accommodation possibilities and discovery tracks. He is the perfect example of our friendly Polynesian people whether you are in touch with him by email, Skype or on the phone!
His favorite islands: Tahiti and Raiatea
“Upon arrival, stay a few days on the main island of Tahiti before heading to the other islands. Discover the mythical wave of Teahupoo or do an introductory surf course on the east coast. A few surf schools are open to everyone. Go across the island with a guide, hiking or on a 4WD safari trip and admire breathtaking sceneries and swim in the magnificent cascades.
After dusk, be mesmerized by beautiful traditional dancing and singing shows and discover the strength of our ma’ohi culture.”


Ruta is our latest member of the group! Passionate by her culture especially traditional dancing and painting), she could tell you her favourites Polynesian myths and legends for hours!
She will be able to guide you, give you good advices and organise for you an unforgettable trip to French Polynesia!
Her favorite islands: Moorea and Raiatea
Before heading to the islands, how about a short stop in Tahiti to swim with dolphins, to explore by 4WD its lush valleys and groves and to sip a fresh cocktail while watching its magnificent sunset at the end of the day.
If Tahiti is too “modern” for you, consider the ferry to visit Tahiti’s sister island, Moorea! A charming sandy island ideal for sunbath breaks near the beautiful turquoises lagoons. Tahiti and her islands, is now an affordable destination to almost any budget, whether you come with your family, your lover or alone! Come and share the lifestyle of the islands by experiencing its warmth and genuine welcome! I only have one piece of advice to give you: relax and make the most of every single moment!

A tourism entity in French Polynesia

Our travel agency founders literally created tourism in Tahiti and Her Islands nearly 50 years ago.
Nowadays, our teams welcome more than half of visitors to French Polynesia every year and book a quarter of the stays occurring in the various islands of the country.
Our teams are made of passionate experts, most of them native from the various islands of French Polynesia and are pleased to share their country with visitors.

A unique expertise, even in Tahiti

Our booking, marketing, product development teams and travel advisors visit the lodging facilities and service providers once or twice a year, not only in the main islands but also in the most remote areas which sometimes shelter a little corner of paradise. Detailed summary reports are prepared further to any inspection and are shared on a database allowing all our staff to benefit from accurate and up-to-date information. We therefore hold unique knowledge and information of all our products.

Guaranteeing you the best rates and special offers

Our position as the leader on the Tahitian market allows us to benefit from the best rates and booking conditions.
Thanks to our annual sales volume, we will often offer our clients exclusive advantages such as excursions, activities and additional services.
We systematically look for the best available offers and the best possible value for every single client’s request.
We won’t hesitate to recommend changes in your itinerary in order to match your budget more accurately.
We do not print a yearly catalog since we are constantly informed of the best deals in the hotels and immediately include them in our proposals.

Totally flexible package deals

Numerous packages are offered through Yestahiti and other travel agencies. However, every travel project to Tahiti and Her Islands is specific. The sample itineraries presented on our website benefit from a long experience and we know they will bring satisfaction to our clients.
Nevertheless, with these suggestions, we make every effort to carefully understand our clients’ expectations and to suggest the best options and alternatives meeting their demands. In all our contact forms we invite you to fully express your expectations, what you like and dislike! In the end, you choose the trip made especially for you that is totally unique.

A search for hidden paradise locations and traveling off the beaten trackS

Our local roots and daily involvement in Polynesia’s life and culture prompt us to suggest using more local accommodation and stays on islands which you may never have heard of. We know that these will bring more authentic and original travel experiences outside of the usual modern world you live in. The variety of islands and possibilities of travel allow us to prepare trips with the fragrance of Tahiti’s yesteryear. Some islands are off the track and have remained identical to the last century. Their inhabitants are usually friendlier and will help you experience the magic of Tahiti and Her Islands.

A promise to fully assist YOU upon arrival and departure and throughout your stay

Our operational teams (chauffeurs, guides, hostesses) are committed to you at any step of your trip. From the traditional Polynesian greeting upon arrival at the airport and upon departure, they will ensure that your stay remains perfect. Our public relations team based in Papeete is available to you during your vacation either at our office or via the phone. Should you need to change your plans or experience an emergency, your travel agent will be available to you without you having to worry about the time difference or phone expenses.
Our contact details
Yestahiti- Immeuble ATEIVI, BP 718 - 98713 Papeete, Polynésie Française

Phone:   +689 46 41 41 (Operator)
  +689 46 40 10 (Online department)
Fax: +689 46 41 40

A legal framework to protect our clients

Our head office is located in Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia and is subject to the “Code du Tourisme Français” (the French Tourism Code), the local tourism regulations and the “Code de la Consommation Français” (the French consummer’s Code). From the moment we are in touch with you, you will benefit from the highest legal protection. Feel free to see our detailed general terms and conditions available online.

The daily quest for perfection

We ensure that all our products meet the relevant safety and security standards. Our service providers’ insurance certificates are scrupulously checked every year. Besides, our itineraries and various bookings included are checked several times whether it be flights, accommodation, transfers or excursions. Our Planning and Quality Control team guarantees that the itineraries are accurate before being handed out to you by our hostesses upon your arrival.
We are uniquely placed to allow the success of your travel project at the best price while meeting safety and high standards.


All Reviews


17 2014
Translated by Google translate
Everything was
according to our wishes, we had a very precise idea of ​​what we wanted to know. Perfect and warm welcome everywhere.
Guesthouses to recommend; impeccable transfers.

- Information about the destination, route recommendations, choice of accommodation offered by your advisor: Good
- General organization of your stay (welcome at the airport, transfers, domestic flights): Excellent
- Would you recommend Yestahiti to your friends and relations? Yes
- How do you rate the accommodation against your expectations? Good
In Maupiti, don't choose the small garden bungalow at the Pension Papahani which is not as good as the other accommodations, very happily put us in a better place if it would have spoiled the stay (too small for 2, no terrace. ..)
- Would you recommend Tahiti and its islands to your friends and relations? Yes


27 2014
Translated by Google translate :
Hello, I wanted to write back!
Everything was beyond our hopes, we were delighted, especially as we passed between the drops, we toured the islands in the right direction with respect to time.We loved everything, everthing were beautiful, the Kuriri Maupiti, Moorea to Tipaniers, Lapita extra Huahine, Bora Intercontinental everywhere around the outer lagoon, diving.Little bit of rain in Fakarava where we were almost alone in the world, Peaceful. Very nice welcome at the Tokerau, remarkable site at the Raimiti, the beaches and diving in the southern pass, and the view of the lagoon of Tahiti with our fantastic son!
Our trip was a success thanks to you,
Ruta, thank you!


27 2014
Translated by Google Translate :
First a big thank you for your guidance and your selection , your choice of islands, pensions.
 Everything went well ! Overall, we are excited about our trip, my son and myself. While some islands have been our preference ,we enjoyed the diversity of archipelagos of French Polynesia.
Contacts were excellent , transfers without reproach, on the contrary, as we discovered the Polynesian warm and generous character ! almost everywhere, everyone is " quartered " to guide us , help us, to discover all the wonders of these islands.
What a pleasure to see so many smiles , availability and kindness sincere, we lose the habit in France !

Personally , I loved the Marquesas despite heavy rains and many mosquitos delighted to find fresh flesh ! !
 I found, and my son , very wise to have started and ended with the Marquesas atolls, or heat allowed us to fully enjoy the clear waters of the lagoons .
I hope that the colleague I glimpse at the airport when we arrived, gave you the little souvenirs from my island known for its salt marshes .
Thomas and I keep a wonderful memory of this great TRIP and we thank you for your advice and have been able to guide us in the choice of the many islands of French Polynesia.
All our friendships ,


08 2014
Translated by Google Translate :
unforgettable getaway, soulful, exotic, warm. The crew was wonderful, very attentive to passengers, attendants are real speakers, the dance teacher is friendly (and handsome for the ladies). Joel reigns supreme Restaurant friendly and attentive (ah buffets!) Taote Georges unforgettable. Let yourself go to these distant islands colorful and singing, to the nostalgia of the great Jacques (visit his museum hangar is particularly moving.

Paul & Madalina

15 2013
Ia Orana Ariimana,

On est juste retournés du Japon, part de notre voyage autour du monde, avec tous les vols organisés et réservés par Ariimana. Ca a été notre troisième séjour en Polynésie. Aussi cette fois, comme toujours (en 2008 et 2010) on a bénéficié de l?avis extraordinaire de notre conseiller, M. Ariimana Mare. Son professionnalisme, sa disponibilité pour faire de notre séjour un événement hors commun sont exemplaires. Je le recommande chaleureusement à tous ceux qui veulent passer, comme nous, des moments inoubliables en Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, Fakarava, Hiva Oa, Tahuata, Ahe ou Tahaa, où n?importe ou en Polynésie.
J?espère revenir le plus vite possible pour la quatrième fois en Polynésie et d?appeler encore une fois à Ariimana pour me conseiller.

Maururu et nana,
Paul & Madalina

Ludovic et Marie

14 2013
Translated bu Google translate :

Bonjour Ariimana ,
Firstly , thank you for organizing a fantastic holiday in Polynesia that we will never forget ! Our wishes (bungalow # 1 to # 11 and Hibiscus at Matira were observed which contributed to our happiness ) .
Hotel Maitai Huahine pita is our favorite heart . It is simply sublime and worthy of a 4 star . The quality / price ratio of this hotel is very good. Hotel Hibiscus is simple but friendly , warm and it feels very good. Hotel Matira would clearly need a good cooling but the view over the lagoon and the beach is magical matira is fantastic.
Because it is wonderful that we were hoping to see even more ! The population is very nice and friendly , local and general atmosphere is very nice.
However the price of international flights is too high ( more airlines would be welcome to bring down the prices of flights ) and there is a real problem with a number of dogs too high with stray dogs that represent a certain danger ( bites frequent ) . Shame because apart from that, it would be perfect !

Florence et Thibault

14 2013
Translated by Google translate :
Ia Orana Dear Ariimana,
Thibault and I wanted to thank you for the unforgettable trip you arranged for us. Everything was perfect and advice were really good.

All flights were direct and everything was perfectly set up to maximize our stay.
We recommend Tahiti and her islands for the beautiful islands, all different, heat islanders, culture, songs, food, the variety of activities and landscapes etc..
The only downside is the price of food and activities and the fact that we sometimes stayed prisoners of hotels.
We really loved our honeymoon, landscapes, kindness and hospitality ... and Polynesian cuisine J. We would have stayed a little longer ...

Still a huge Maururu!

Federico and Marina

01 2013
Hi Frederic,
I wanted to thank you for taking care of organizing our honeymoon trip. It's been a wonderful holiday, perfectly organized, and we were totally satisfied of every detail, especially about the amount of days spent in each island. Our only regret was that it was too short  :) .. I hope that sometimes in life (maybe for a wedding anniversary?) we'll be able to come again to Polynesia, and maybe see also some of the smaller islands!
Best regards,
Federico and Marina


29 2013
Translated by Google translate
Everything went like clockwork.
Home, inter-island organization PERFECT
We were pleasantly greeted well as in hostels, motel and hotel.
A MOREA, the two sisters Solange Yolande and worth visiting.
A Rangiroa, 2 couples were found in smaller (same price) and bungalows that we did not know in advance.
All excursions we made by ourselves, went well and all in a great atmosphere, as Tahitian work with joy and good humor, and it is very nice and relaxing.
We would have liked to stay a few days, but he had to return to France.
You have beautiful islands and beautiful lagoons and I hope it will last.

Milijana & Petar

22 2013
Ia Orana Ruta,
We have been back home almost a week from our holiday and it was amazing!
We are sad to be back home to reality from such a beautiful paradise where everyone was so lovely and helpful and made our stay very enjoyable. Everything went according to plan except my silly husband didn't apply sunscreen on and he got sun burnt so we spent the last couple of days in the room. Le Median resort was exceptional. The staff there were always ready to assist us and as I mentioned Petar got sunburnt so they let us stay the last day in the room until 15.30pm as we should have checked out at 11am which we found very polite of them that they still cared about us. Most of the places would just kick you out. I miss that place so much that I wish I could go back there again.
Maururu for all your great and hard work behind all our planning for our dream honeymoon holiday. It really was a dream holiday. I just hope that one day we can come back there again because it is a magnificent place. We are planning on going to other destinations one day but after this holiday none of the other destinations can compare. I feel like we have been to heaven and have come back.
Maururu for making it all happen, without you I don't believe it would have been this special. The surprise over water bungalow worked and it was great.
I hope we cross paths again in the future and I hope that who ever you are working for know that they have an awesome lady working very hard in making peoples wishes and desires come true. And they better be paying you exceptionally well for all your work because you deserve it young lady! You had the patience to assist me with all of my queries and worries and you made me feel at ease that everything was ok and not even for a minute did I doubt you with my holiday planning.
Maururu dear Ruta and we wish you all the very best in the future.
We sure do hope to visit Tahiti again one day!
Lots of love from Milijana & Petar Dragisic
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“The Polynesian islands will offer you some unique underwater encounters”

If you are searching for adventure or interested by sea life. During your stay, you should enjoy our exclusive aquatic excursions like : "shark & ray feeding", swim with dolphins, or scuba diving lessons. The Polynesian islands will offer you some unique underwater encounters : Sharks of many different species, sea turtles, manta rays, dolphins, schools of jackfish or baraccudas, and much more...
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Travel specialist

“A romantic getaway in Bora Bora, the pearl of the Pacific”

Bora Bora, is an invitation to love, a dream destination to celebrate special moments with your lover.
Enjoy the most beautiful lagoons in the world and dive into its colourful underwater world. Relax on the white sandy beach watching the amazing sunset with your refreshing cocktail.
Experience together luxurious and romantic overwater bungalows, ideal to live your romance at its fullest.
A paradise you must live at least once in a lifetime!
Celebrate your love; let me guide you to make your Polynesian dream come true!