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Rangiroa, the infinite lagoon, “the immense sky”

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Rangiroa is the largest atoll in French Polynesia and the second largest worldwide. Her infinite lagoon, her exquisite beaches and awesome underwater world make this atoll a definite place to stop during your stay.
Diving Rangiroa has become a myth since Captain Cousteau classified these waters amongst the most beautiful on Earth. Famous worldwide, Rangiroa has become a genuine dive paradise. Don’t miss a dive in Tiputa pass and meet dolphins, sharks and barracudas: unexpected encounters are not unusual…
Rangiroa harbors some magical areas which you will be delighted to discover on your own, as a couple or with your family. Walk around Reef Island, go on a tour to the emerald colored Blue Lagoon or admire the magnificent colors of the Pink Sand beaches.
You will find a wide variety of quality lodgings to suit any budget.
The ring of islands set between sky and ocean will enhance your vacation in this exceptional environment. An experience certainly not to be missed during your trip around the Tahitian islands.
Private islet on the lagoon of Rangiroa
Private islet on the lagoon of Rangiroa
The reef on ocean side
The reef on ocean side
Fifty shades of blue
Fifty shades of blue
Pink sand beach on Rangiroa
Pink sand beach on Rangiroa

tahitiAN NAME : Rairo’a

  • Located 350km / 218 miles north east of Tahiti (flight time: 1 hour)
  • Population: 2,500
  • Area: 7,900ha / 18,532 ac spread over a group of 415 islets (“motu”)
  • 2 passes: Avatoru and Tiputa
  • Unique road between Avatoru and Tiputa: 12km / 8 miles
  • Airport: Avatoru

Must see

  • Pearl farming
  • Vineyard by the lagoon
  • Reef Island
  • Pink Sands (beach)
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Tiputa pass: natural aquarium and dive
  • Otepipi church

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  • Dive French Polynesia
  • Look for whales in Rurutu

During your vacation

  • Ocean dive with the 6 Passengers dive shop
  • Memorable introductory dive
  • Unmatched charming family hotels
  • Rangiroa’s vineyard

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31 2015
Translated by Google Traduction

Ia Orana Ariimana
I will answer (+++) in this survey but especially wanted to thank you for this great trip well organized. It was really fun and we enjoyed everything thoroughly.
Now back home is hard enough, though with us the air is still 28 and the pool is warm. But this is not the same ...
Long and very full stay, varied. The variety of the stay (from the pension to the luxury hotel through the cruise) is a real asset. The relationships with the advisor by email and Skype were very simple and fluid, it was the appointment of our requests (even later) and was able to combine the complicated needs of 2 families arriving from France and the USA. 2 attached photos but there are hundreds, not yet sorted.
Our Services :
1) Destination Information, route recommendations, choice of accommodation offered by your consultant: Bad / Poor / Average / Good / Excellent
2) General organization of your stay (welcome at the airport, transfers, domestic flights): Bad / Poor / Average / Good / Excellent judgment for the reception very "raw" on arrival.
3) Would you recommend Yestahiti to friends and relations? Yes No
Detail if you want:
Your stay :
4) How do you judge the quality of your accommodation compared to your expectations? Poor / Poor / Average / Good / Excellent
Do you have any particular advice to give on a hosting?
5) How do you excursions and activities during your stay? Poor / Poor / Average / Good / Excellent without notice, there was no
Do you have any particular advice to give?
6) Would you recommend Tahiti and her islands to your friends and relations? Yes


20 2015
The "+", the " - " and favorites of the trip:

Home in pensions and quality of the exchanges with the Polynesians in general, colors lagoons , wildlife lagoons ( dolphin fish ... sharks rays ) , took the time to enjoy each island and atoll are staying a minimum of 3 nights , our travel expert Ariimana advices us perfect accomodations (pensions and hotels).

No possibility to surf rental

Description of our trip :
We felt in love with the island of Huahine , quality of life , the sympathy of its people and the incredible color of Bora Bora lagoon on arrival by plane.


08 2015
Translated by Google Translate

Ia Orana Ruta,
Sorry for my late reply, returning after 4 weeks of absence was busy ...
You will find below our responses to your questions.
Overall, we had a wonderful stay in Polynesia. We only regretted unwanted guests (cockroaches) in some hotels, including the Hilton Moorea that was totally infested (we changed our bungalow but the problem is repeated), which is unfortunate for a 5 star hotel. This is perhaps part of the landscape, yet we do not met Taha or Bora Bora for example. Otherwise, everything was perfect.
Thank you for your time and responsiveness to organize this trip. We will not hesitate to advise Yestahiti or use your services again in the case of a possible stay in Polynesia, even if it is not in the program in the coming years (given the distance and cost). Maruru!
 Best regards

Do you have any particular opinion to give?
The tour "Dolphin Encounter" in Moorea has not met our expectations. We walked along the island coast (within 50 m) and the guide gave us information on the island, but we do not really try avaons dolphins. We felt that this tour was consolidated with the tour visiting the lagoon.

Nathalie et Serge

16 2015
Ia Orana Ruta,
We have just come back home, our stay went very very smoothly, the choice of accommodations was made very judicious.
Thank you for everything !!!

Monique et Hervé

16 2015
Translated by Google Translate

We stayed situation, near to 4 weeks in French Polynesia, spent 2 nights on board Maupiti Kuiri: rustic but very attractive, warm, friendly, and great food eaten together around a long table
-3 Nights in Raiatea Lodge where Front and Karine Olivier is excellent, nice property facing the splendid sunset, a big thank you to Christian for his tour of the island and the smallest day so unexpected and nice.
Damage to the curfew at 5 am! no more animation on Raiatea - 3 nights in Tahaa Fare Pea Iti, absolutely beautiful and good atmosphere with Pascal and Marilyn - 3 Nights at the Mahana in Huahine relays, small cleanliness issues in the bathroom, but nice place anyway, the The island is very beautiful, very lush, not much to see
- 3 nights in Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort: luxury bath on stilts, we loved visiting the black tips and rays that came our border at night, but we have not benefited much because the island weather except on Matira Beach, beautiful.
5 nights in Rangiroa Lagoon Raira we made splendid excursions (especially the blue lagoon and the island to the exceptional reefs!) But regretted the welcome and attitude of Jean-Fred is somewhat whimsical. He should leave the relationship to its employees ...
-5 Nights in Fakarava at pension Hawaiki where everyone is lovely, welcoming, friendly. Again, beautiful excursions "the south and green lagoon pass) and a lovely pearl harvested in the lottery (a pearl and it was there that he is bought in). And diving !!!! ! that beautiful meetings, Surtour with dolphins Rangiroa.
In short! Everything was very nice, very good, very expensive! ...
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“Even though considered a bit touristy, go to Bora Bora.”

Her nickname ‘the Pearl of the Pacific’ is well deserved. This is a place for anyone who is in love especially honeymooners. Whether you choose to stay in a luxury resort or a family hotel, lodgings have all kept that romantic aspect. In the evening, go have a drink at the mythical Bloody Mary’s. You may see movie stars… but hush! Everybody there is “incognito” !
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“Polynesian hospitality is matched by the diversity and beauty of its landscapes”

The famous Polynesian hospitality is matched by the diversity and beauty of its landscapes. Do not hesitate to combine your stay between lush islands (such as Moorea & Bora Bora) and wild atolls (Rangiroa & Fakarava like)!
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