Tikehau, the pink sand paradise

Tikehau is located only a few miles away from Rangiroa in the Tuamotu archipelago. Smaller than its neighbor, Tikehau atoll is a near perfect ring formation featuring post card like landscape. The atoll is famous for its lagoon which can be described as a huge natural pool surrounded by pink and white sandy beaches.

  • Located 340km / 211 miles north of Tahiti (Flight time: 1 hour) and 15 minutes from Rangiroa
  • Population: 500
  • Area: lagoon of 461km2 / 287 sq miles
  • Only 2 “motu” are inhabited
  • Unique pass of Tuheiva
  • Airport: Motu Tuherahera
  • Note: no ATM and bank
A walk to paradise
A walk to paradise
Must see
  • Pink sand
  • Dive site: Tuheiva pass
  • Bird Island
  • Lagoonarium
  • Pearl farm
  • Walk on the reef
Tikehau viewed from the lagoon
Tikehau viewed from the lagoon
The Tikehau reef on ocean side
The Tikehau reef on ocean side
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The famous pink sand beaches of tikehau
The famous pink sand beaches of tikehau

Customer reviews


21/04/2017 - Sina, Hong Kong

Translated by Google Translate : Moorea and Bora Bora => Very good Intercon Tahiti => nice hotel but old and tidy room I love all my activities 6) Would you recommend Tahiti and its islands to your friends and acquaintances? Yes Why or why not? It's amazing and superior to all other similar destinations + Super Locals!


01/12/2016 - Annie, France

Translated by google translate : We are very satisfied with our stay. Everything went well . A little extra for the intercontinental tahiti which is perfect both in staff and quality (bedding included) the geographic stucture is ideal .C is a very nice place, a happiness for the eyes.   We have family travel with 2 children aged 18 months and...


29/10/2016 - Christopher Rose, United States

We sailed to several islands in the Society, but I found Maupiti especially nice. So glad we were able to add this to our list. I think a must-see island. Diving was excellent. Manta rays everywhere. People (like all the Society) were wonderful.

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