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Bora Bora Eco Lodge Anau

Bora Bora

Pension in Anau is located on the edge of the lagoon and consists of 6 simple yet comfortable units all equipped with a kitchenette. You can also taste the good local cuisine by pre-booking breakfast and dinner. The pension has no beach but a large pontoon with a direct access to the lagoon via a ladder, you can enjoy a swim in the turquoise water or snorkel to discover the underwater life! Free transfers to the white sandy beach of Matira are also provided by the pension.
And why not spe...

109 USD
in double room
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Bora Bora Eco Lodge Private Motu

Bora Bora

Ideally located on a white sand motu private pension has only 4 units for a maximum capacity of 15 people ... the perfect place for a stay like Robinson Crusoe in a paradise setting. Bungalows are simply equipped, they do not have hot water but are yet spacious and comfortable.
You will taste a variety of exotic dishes based on fish. Snorkeling, swimming as well as numerous activities are available, the pension being only 15 minutes from the dock of Vaitape, the main village of Bora Bora....

272 USD
in double room
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Chez Alice & Raphael

Bora Bora

The pension is located on Motu Ome, a very long motu just a few minutes from the airport. The property of 1,5 ha extends across the motu, from the lagoon to the ocean side, to enjoy both sides of the islet: lagoon side, a nice stretch of beach with a great view on the main island of Bora Bora and Otemanu mountain, ocean side: a landscape of corals and a beach extending all along the motu for great walks. The pension features only 2 units so ideal for a quite stay. Another asset is that the pensi...

201 USD
in double room
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Chez Nono

Bora Bora

Located on the famous Matira tip, the pension enjoys a small white sand beach and a beautiful lagoon view. Ideally located close to small shops, restaurants and an internet cafe, the pension takes advantage of being both in a quiet place and close to activities. With its 2 villas equipped with a kitchen, the pension is the perfect place for families and friends.

320 USD
in double room
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Hotel 4*

Hotel Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort & Spa

Bora Bora

Upon arrival, there can be no doubt about it: This is Polynesia!
Natural materials like wood, bamboo, stone, and ropes are featured by quality, traditional architecture, the true identity of this resort with a Boutique Hotel vibe. Built on a large natural sand bank, it shows off its "postcard" beach throughout the year. Crystal clear water, fine sand and shallow water over several meters make swimming a pleasure for young and old alike.
With an impeccable overall appearance, the hot...

503 USD
in double room
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Hotel 5*

Hotel Four Seasons Bora Bora

Bora Bora

Situated between the deep blue Pacific and the tranquil lagoon, Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora offers South Seas escape on its own sublimely private small islet. Inspired by Polynesian architecture, the village-like Resort blends into a lush world of unsurpassed tropical beauty and takes full advantage of heartstopping views. The ultimate in luxurious seclusion, Four Seasons combines thoughtful service and impeccably modern amenities.

774 USD
in double room
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Hotel 5*

Hotel Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa

Bora Bora

Renovations schedule (as of September 01st, 2015):
- Overwater & Deluxe Overwater villas 301 to 320 and Presidential Villas under way till end of January 2016
- Overwater & Deluxe Overwater villas 321 to 342, Garden Villas 501 & 502, Panoramic Hillside Villas 503 to 505 and new Sunset Pool Overwater Villas under way till mid February 2016

- Beachside restaurant Tamure Grill from January to end ...

463 USD
in double room
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Hotel 5*

Hotel InterContinental Bora Bora Resort &Thalasso Spa

Bora Bora

Located on an islet facing Mount Otemanu, the InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa stands out for its modern design and its Balneotherapy & Thalassotherapy center : unique in French Polynesia, run by the renowned Algotherm trademark, it has been designed by Dr Treguer who created Monaco's thermal baths.
The Resort features an eco-friendly air-conditioning system by using the cold deep-sea water extracted from the Pacific Ocean; and its spa is the very first Thalasso spa in th...

907 USD
in double room
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Hotel 4*

Hotel InterContinental Le Moana Resort Bora Bora

Bora Bora

Located on the famous Matira Point, the most beautiful white sandy beach of Bora Bora, the InterContinental Bora Bora Le Moana Resort is a friendly hotel adorned with a crystal clear lagon. Pamper yourself in the intimate and warm setting of an overwater bungalow in a most Polynesian atmosphere : a taste-like paradise !

592 USD
in double room
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Hotel 5*

Hotel Le Meridien Bora Bora

Bora Bora

Contemporary and elegant, Le Meridien Bora Bora is a luxury resort set on a magnificent islet surrounded by the most beautiful lagoon in the world, with stunning sights over Mount Otemanu.
Among its wide range of activities, the resort hosts the Turtle Sanctuary, devoted to preserve the magnificent hawksbill and green turtles. This care centre, located in the heart of the hotel, is unique in the world, with a special program implemented to ensure the successful future of the turtles in the...

467 USD
in double room
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All Reviews


19 2016
Google Translate :
Ia Orana Fred,
The dream is already over!
On behalf of my family, we wanted to thank you for the excellent organization of our trip, everything was perfect! Sailing with skipper Pierro and Yasmina hostess remains the highlight of our stay. Congratulations to you and we will not fail to recommend to our knowledge - friends for their future travels in Polynesia !
One small note which you are absolutely not responsible and the lack of rigor in the accounts of Intercontinental hotels in the 3 hotels we have to redo the bill to take into account the vouchers ..... and just settle amounts for extras.
Wishing you a good day,
Sincerely ,

Trevor and Loraine

28 2016
Hi Frederick,
I just wanted to say 'A Big Thank-you' to You and Jack for making our trip of a lifetime, celebrating our 25th Anniversary, completely pain free.
From start to finish, it was an amazing experience.
Never been to the French Polynesia before and having no one to ask, because no one we know have been, we were very much in the dark.
You took that worry off our hands and planned a schedule for us, with just a few 'must dos' from ourselves.
Right from the flight over, everything was taken care of. We didn't have to think about a thing, all we had to do was enjoy our time there.
 You booked the best of everything within our budget, every detail was taken into consideration and nothing was left out.
We had a schedule given to us for every time we moved to another part, stating times, pickups and drop_offs. We didn't have to ask or worry about a thing.
The catamaran was fabulous. Our captain and crew were wonderful. They made us feel like family. A week on a small vessel could have been very uncomfortable, but to the contrary, we had a blast.
After nearly three weeks of mind blowing beauty, a part of our heart will be left in French Polynesia.
We can't thank you enough for the experience and discovery of your beautiful country.
We will be returning.
With love and thanks again
Trev and Loraine Lyons
(Peterborough,England. 2016)

Sent from my iPad

Isa et François

19 2016
In short : Excellent organization of our trip. If we could have one full day at the end of Tahiti because the craft is difficult to find in the islands
All excursions made with local guides were amazing.
Travels in Polynesia are badly sold in France. It has to be more promoted !!

Translated by google translate :
In detail : Hello Fred
Here is our return on vacation
1) destination / route: good
2) General organization: excellent if we could have one full day at the end of Tahiti because the craft is difficult to find in the islands
3) Yes you recommend Tahiti: yes
4) stay: good to excellent
Details of accommodation:
- Pension beach in Tahiti. :
a faultless they understood everything. very very good

- Bianca and Benoit in Mangareva:
business too, they do not take the time to look after us, we have "plants" at the other end of the island, we returned on foot, Bianca forgot to pick us up, she also forgot to prepare dinner.
The Maro'i pension is more available.
-Hee tai innate Nuku Iva:
Ms. Rose is a little outdated, it remained blocked there 40 years by cons staff is not especially charmant.Ne dinner here the prices are exorbitant and they are nothing in .it is very biased attitude compared to the village. She is the only one to have claimed the tax.
- Mana Tupuna to uka ua:
Superb welcome
from Karen, Sylvain and children. Stately guesthouse, very family friendly.
Even if there is no hot water or air conditioning is the best place of stay. A beautiful encounter, although we stayed there stayed longer.
-Pukuee To ua pou:
Elisa and jerome are charming but not very professional.
Elisa looks tired of everything. The pension is very clean and redone great view of the bay

-Kanahau In Hiva Oa
Tania is excellent in all !! Home, history, botany, humor, kitchen ....

Her good humor is infectious, she is always available to us, cooking as a chef. The bedrooms nice too. Another very good address.
- Raivavae Tama resort:
Eleanor and Denys are too business too.
Otherwise pleasant bungalows. We reported at the airport at Eleanor oblivion of a watch in the bathroom but it was not very concerned.
- Wipa lodge Tubuai:
Wilson is really a character to meet, good evening in his company

Very good food Gisele. The new board will be superb.
- Manotel to Rurutu:
Yves and his family are lovely. An extraordinary garden. An address to remember, flawless. Excellent cocktails made by beautiful girl.

5) excursions:
all excursions made with local were superb.
A ua uka horse with Alexis, fishing with Roger (Karen thank you for the tips)
A louse ua tour with jerome (too theoretical)
A Nuku Iva Thierry fishing excursion with Richard
Tubuai meeting with superb sculptor Jacob M Bataillard
6) course which we recommend Tahiti and her islands to everyone
Polynesia is badly sold in France, we promote it more !!
7) I have already answered it seems to me otherwise I'll write a novel.
8) of course I authorize to use my comments
But according to the guest rooms, it seems that few agencies are moving to meet them unfortunately.
Soon may be new adventures
Fred thank you
Isa and François


17 2016
Extracts : Our trip was actually fun and I thank Frederic for helping us arranging our trip.
Good information about the destination, and the choice of accommodation.
The general organization of your stay was good and we'll recommend Yestahiti to our friends.


Our services:
1 - Information about the destination, route recommendations, choice of accommodation offered by your advisor: Good

2 - General organization of your stay (welcome at the airport, transfers, domestic flights): Good

3 – Would you recommend Yestahiti to your friends and relations? Yes

Your stay:
4 - How do you rate the accommodation against your expectations? Good
Do you have a particular give notice? 1. Intercontinental hotel is okay though the room they gave us when we are returning home is not that good. Christmas buffet in Intercontinental hotel is very expensive.
    2. Hilton for me is excellent in terms of service. Staff are very friendly and very accommodating.

5 – What do you think of the excursions and activities in relation to your expectations? Good
Do you have a particular give notice? Activities are just so expensive.

6 - Would you recommend Tahiti and its islands to your friends and relations? Yes
Why or why not? 

7 – Do you intend to come back to French Polynesia in the next three years? Yes

8 - Can we use your comments on our websites as a witness, not to mention your name, email address and any personal information? Yes

If you wish, describe your stay freely, contacts with your advisor, attach a photo and whether we can use it anonymously on our websites, facebook or google+ ...
Describe your stay in Polynesia: Our trip was actually fun and I thank Frederic for helping us arranging our trip.

Nicole & Christophe

19 2016
Translated by Google Translate

Hello Ruta,
That is now several months since we returned from a great trip we had you prepared in Polynesia.
Keeping great memories , including the Tikehau Village board, we wanted to start of the year to thank you above all wish you a very happy new year 2016 , above all, a very very healthy.
Nicole & Christophe


19 2016
Translated by Google Translate

The "more ", the " least " and favorites of the trip:


Excellent organization , situation of wonderful hotels especially the villa tonoï , extraordinary activities . A big favorite for stingrays Moorea ..... but also dance spectacle at the Tiki Village.


We would have liked a little more time off to stay at least a month and a half in Polynesia.

Well organized magical journey , the choice of hotels and their locations were , again , excellent. A must see Raiatea and Moorea splendid islands and not sufaites . We keep in our heart the songs and Polynesian dances

Courtney & Joshua

24 2015
Hi Gavin/Fred:  Here are our comments to your survey.  Thank you, Fred, for helping us plan another amazing trip to French Polynesia!  Each is like a wonderful dream.  Courtney & Joshua

This is our third trip to French Polynesia and our third time using Fred.  Every trip he has helped plan for us has been executed flawlessly.  Every step of the way has been taken care of, connections (air, land and sea), hotels, and special and specific requests.  We can travel to French Polynesia with ease of mind and the security of knowing that all we have to do is just pack and show up.  If we have the chance to return to Tahiti, we will definitely enlist Fred for his assistance and expertise.  From very happy, repeat customers.

Stephanie and Romain

19 2015
Translated by Google traduction

Ia Orana Fred,
I wanted to send you an e-mail to thank you for organizing our honeymoon.
You are an excellent partner that I will not hesitate to seek again or recommend.
I little flat for the Maitai hotel that was below our expectations as well as the standard room Intercontinental Tahiti for our return when we had problems with air conditioning ...
A dream destination for a great trip even beyond our expectations.
Big heart for the island of Moorea and Bora Bora lagoon.
A very friendly people and a small care staff.
I really hope to have the chance to discover the other islands of French Polynesia!
So to you, Fred, Mauruuru roa !!!
Nana ...
Stephanie and Romain


18 2015
Ia Orana!
Dear Ariimana,
Hope this email finds you well. We just got back home and I could not wait to send you this email. I want to sincerely thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for helping make this the best honeymoon my wife and I could have ever asked for. Thank you very much for everything you have done. We have made memories that shall last us for ever.
It is difficult and expensive for people from this region to get to French Polynesia. But my wife and I were the first among our acquaintances to take this step. We have shared many pictures and videos of our trip with friends and many were fascinated. As a thank you, and because it is the least I can do, I will be forwarding your contact information to anyone who is interested.
I hope one day people can overlook the difficulty of getting to Tahiti from this region because it is just worth the journey. It was an amazing and a fantastic, unforgettable experience. From the joyful faces of the lovely locals to the turquoise lagoon waters.
Sincerely yours,



05 2015
Translated by Google Translate:
Ia Orana,
Maururu Frederick BONHOURE allowing us, for his good advice and professionalism, have been able to make the stay of our dreams in Polynesia.
We chose to stay in boarding houses that have all met our expectations.
The stay went without a misstep from beginning to end. All times have been met and we have always been supported on arrival in each island.
We booked on site, through our pension managers different outputs and vehicle rental. Each organization had to pick us up and take us to the pension.
The Polynesians are incredibly kind and know how to share the love of their country.
By booking through this local agency, we knew that there was a local contact in case of trouble; we have had at any time needed.
Do you have any particular advice to give?
We booked our trips and car rentals with different pension where we were staying, according to the weather and desires of our day. The managers always had good advice for us. Providers came to pick us up at the pension in the morning and accompanied him in the evening.
4 x 4 to Tahiti to discover Papenoo valley TAHITI SAFARI shipping with exceptional guide, Eric.
and car rental day to tour the island
Output whales, and discover the lagoon at Moorea in Moorea BOAT TOURS - Beautiful day.
2 days car rental.
HUAHINE: Combined 4 x 4 and around the lagoon by canoe with lunch on a motu POE Island Tours: A dream day.
Rental car one day to tour the island.
BORA BORA: We rented bikes one day to tour the island.
The next round of the pirogue lagoon with a motu lunch with unforgettable views per Rohivai Tours.
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