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Nirri & Peter

04 2014
(South Africa)
Ia Orana
Dear Ariimana

We are now already 2 weeks back from our wonderful holidays in French Polynesia. First we like to say thank you for your very professional service to us. Every single booking you made was done in time and to our full satisfaction. The sailing with Dreamyacht Charter (skipper Apera and crew Viginie) was 100% what we expected. Also with the cruise on Aranui 3 we were more than happy to collect this extraordinary voyage to our bag of memories.

We wish you all the best for the future and thank you again.

Greetings from a winterly but warm South Africa
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04 2014
Hello there
We thank you for the quality of our trip,
Whether in Moorea, Huahine, Raiatea, Bora Bora and Papeete we had a diversified, top quality and always a good greeting hotel ;
best regards
Tags : Bora Bora, Moorea, Raiatea, agency

Christine et Philippe

23 2014
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We have already
had the opportunity and repeatedly congratulated RUTA, for his kindness, professionalism, commitment and responsiveness.
We enjoyed the organization of your company and particularly with regard to problems that we had with our visas.

We enjoyed the Society archipelago, it was perfect. The trip to marquesas with the Aranui remin an unforgettable memory.
Thank you to yestahiti for this beautiful trip!
Tags : Tahiti, Passenger / freighter cruise, agency

Fabienne et Thomas

10 2014
Translated by Google Translate
Excellent information about the destination: .
Very sound recommendations for routes. Accurate for people that do not know your country!

Choice of accommodation: some surprises including a bad one in Huahine "PENSION FARE MAEVA" (poorly maintained, no welcome, poor restoration); cozy, comfortable, friendly. A negative point for the stay at Nuku Hiva and PENSION HE E TAI INN, the manager of the pension, ROSE, being a bit overwhelmed by the management of its pension.

General organization of your stay: Excellent organization: No problem, all aircraft transfers were good, the documents received at the Papeete airport were clear and allowed us to move from one island to another with ease. At the end of our stay, Polynesian airports had no secrets for us thanks to the kindness and smiles of all Polynesians encountered!

We recommend YesTahiti our friends, and that's what has already been done!

Thank you again for your attention, your guidance in your choice tips and suggestions.

Our stay was very good, we did some great meetings. Many Polynesian passionate about their country, their culture, crafts, safeguarding their heritage, passengers like us all surprised by so many cultural richness, botanical or geographical (especially in the Marquesas).

You should know reach out to others, do not hesitate to knock on doors, listening to the locals talk about their past, their faith, their hope, and especially their desire to pass on their knowledge and pride of living on their island. This is actually our feelings at the end of our three week tour of eight islands visited.
Tags : Huahine, Rangiroa, Nuku Hiva, Adventure & discovery, Events & Culture

Clélia et Guillaume

21 2014
Ia Orana Ruta,
A small message to thank you for organizing our honeymoon.
We had a wonderful time in these beautiful islands and thanks to you, we were able to enjoy our stay fully and smoothly.
Mauruuru, this trip will be unforgettable!
Another big thank you and good luck,
Clelia and Guillaume
Tags : Bora Bora, Moorea, Huahine, agency


07 2014
- Information about the destination, route recommendations, choice of accommodation offered by your advisor : Excellent
- General organization of your stay (welcome at the airport, transfers, domestic flights): Good
- Would you recommend Yestahiti to your friends and relations? Yes
- How do you rate the accommodation against your expectations? Good
- How do you rate the activities and tours against your expectations? Good
- Would you recommend Tahiti and its islands to your friends and relations? Yes


17 2014
Translated by Google translate
Everything was
according to our wishes, we had a very precise idea of ​​what we wanted to know. Perfect and warm welcome everywhere.
Guesthouses to recommend; impeccable transfers.

- Information about the destination, route recommendations, choice of accommodation offered by your advisor: Good
- General organization of your stay (welcome at the airport, transfers, domestic flights): Excellent
- Would you recommend Yestahiti to your friends and relations? Yes
- How do you rate the accommodation against your expectations? Good
In Maupiti, don't choose the small garden bungalow at the Pension Papahani which is not as good as the other accommodations, very happily put us in a better place if it would have spoiled the stay (too small for 2, no terrace. ..)
- Would you recommend Tahiti and its islands to your friends and relations? Yes

Tags : Maupiti


27 2014
Translated by Google translate :
Hello, I wanted to write back!
Everything was beyond our hopes, we were delighted, especially as we passed between the drops, we toured the islands in the right direction with respect to time.We loved everything, everthing were beautiful, the Kuriri Maupiti, Moorea to Tipaniers, Lapita extra Huahine, Bora Intercontinental everywhere around the outer lagoon, diving.Little bit of rain in Fakarava where we were almost alone in the world, Peaceful. Very nice welcome at the Tokerau, remarkable site at the Raimiti, the beaches and diving in the southern pass, and the view of the lagoon of Tahiti with our fantastic son!
Our trip was a success thanks to you,
Ruta, thank you!
Tags : Bora Bora, Tahiti, Moorea, Huahine, Maupiti, Fakarava, Family trips, agency


27 2014
Translated by Google Translate :
First a big thank you for your guidance and your selection , your choice of islands, pensions.
 Everything went well ! Overall, we are excited about our trip, my son and myself. While some islands have been our preference ,we enjoyed the diversity of archipelagos of French Polynesia.
Contacts were excellent , transfers without reproach, on the contrary, as we discovered the Polynesian warm and generous character ! almost everywhere, everyone is " quartered " to guide us , help us, to discover all the wonders of these islands.
What a pleasure to see so many smiles , availability and kindness sincere, we lose the habit in France !

Personally , I loved the Marquesas despite heavy rains and many mosquitos delighted to find fresh flesh ! !
 I found, and my son , very wise to have started and ended with the Marquesas atolls, or heat allowed us to fully enjoy the clear waters of the lagoons .
I hope that the colleague I glimpse at the airport when we arrived, gave you the little souvenirs from my island known for its salt marshes .
Thomas and I keep a wonderful memory of this great TRIP and we thank you for your advice and have been able to guide us in the choice of the many islands of French Polynesia.
All our friendships ,
Tags : Huahine, Rangiroa, Nuku Hiva, Adventure & discovery, agency


08 2014
Translated by Google Translate :
unforgettable getaway, soulful, exotic, warm. The crew was wonderful, very attentive to passengers, attendants are real speakers, the dance teacher is friendly (and handsome for the ladies). Joel reigns supreme Restaurant friendly and attentive (ah buffets!) Taote Georges unforgettable. Let yourself go to these distant islands colorful and singing, to the nostalgia of the great Jacques (visit his museum hangar is particularly moving.
Tags : Tahiti, Nuku Hiva, Hiva Oa, Passenger / freighter cruise

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